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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

December 12 - Skype Podcasts

I must admit that last time I attempted to record a conversation with somebody over Skype, we had a handful of problems. Loss of connections, irritating, unexplained clicking sounds, and a whole host of other annoying nigglies which we didn't experience when not on 'Record Mode'. However, it did eventually work.

Skype vs. Gizmo vs. Vonage

Bob and Sam had an entirely different situation though. At least the recording was audible! Even after that, I trawled through it for an hour, writing a transcript. Only if I'd had Dragon Naturally Speaking 9 then. Hopefully it will arrive by Christmas. I won it at - A site I blog for. VLAD ROCKS! And now that he's a 9rules member, well... The status speaks for itself!

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