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Thursday, December 14, 2006

December 14 - BBC Interview

Okay... I was on BBC Manchester, and a few little things came out.

My real name isn't Delta, but David. Hmm... Well now that one is out, you can go listen to the whole funny thing over at the BBC website. The interview went brilliantly! I was laughing my head off, as Eamonn decided to spell his name wrong. I had a good look at Eamonn's 6 screens which he uses to operate Studio 1, and also had a laugh 'getting one over him' with the optical zoom. Brilliant!

And if you're in need for a laugh, check out Eamonn's new blog I set up for him, called Bad Jokes R Us - And yes... They're bad! Turned out that the first commenter was 'Lisa', from my Dad's work. Rather cool really!

All-in-all, I thought it went much better than the other interview, despite it being live. I think that because it was live though, I did alot better. It was easier sitting across the desk from a funny man, rather than talking over an ISDN line to a sane person.

My mum was in the corner of the studio, laughing like mad when I accidentally said 'Megapickle', rather than 'Megapixels'. I myself found that rather funny. But Eamonn didn't even know the difference between a 'Gigabyte and a chicken nugget'.

Roland's convinced that I made a 'megapickle' outta myself and that the phrase will catch on. Who knows? ;)

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Blogger Lisa B said...

Yes, it was funny.

I am glad I put a comment in as no one else did! That would have been embarrassing!

9:14 am, December 15, 2006  
Blogger Delta said...

=D I take it you are Lisa from Teradyne? Nice to see you round here.

And thankyou very much for commenting. =) You saved the day!

Thanks for recording the previous interview for me aswell. =D

I owe you massively! Anything I can do? I could link to your blog...

9:25 pm, December 15, 2006  
Anonymous Vlad said...

Wow!, congrats "Delta" pr should I say David! You have achieved great status for someone like yourself and is only 12 years old. :-)

8:20 pm, December 16, 2006  
Blogger Delta said...

Thanks Vlad! =D

You're too kind. =P

I can't wait for Dragon Naturally Speaking 9 to arrive! Know if it will arrive here in the UK by Christmas?

8:18 am, December 17, 2006  

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