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Friday, December 15, 2006

December 15 - Traffic Whirlwind

If you can afford it, Michael Cheney shows you exactly how you can drive thousands of people to your website in an instant. NOTE: This is highly exclusive stuff from CMN. Check it out!

And yes... I did say 'If you can afford it'. But it's proven to be effective. If you have the cash, and are willing to spend it, this is the way to go. For those long term readers of the site (over a month), which is roughly 16% of you, you'll know that I interviewed Michael over Skype a while back. I also work for his organization now, helping around, doing what I can. Here is another interview that I can publish. Admittedly, no. This one isn't exclusive, but so what? It's cool enough to be worth a mention.

Q. First off - can you tell us a little about yourself for those people that maybe haven't heard of you yet?

A. Sure. I first got involved in the Internet in 1995 when I built my very first website. It started out as a hobby but soon more and more people wanted websites.

I then soon realized that a website with no traffic is downright useless so I taught myself search engine optimization. A few years later I set up a consultancy providing search engine optimization services to businesses.

Q. So what was it that made you get into Internet marketing?

A. I just saw that it was what everyone on the Internet wanted to know about. From guys in their bedroom with a hobby website right through to multimillion dollar companies - everyone wants to know how to get more traffic to their website and get more visitors. So it started from there really.

I started helping people get onto the first page of search engines and everything was going really well. Too well actually!

Q. What do you mean by 'too well'?

A. In the end word starting spreading about my consultancy and what started by just being a service I provided to local companies in the UK ended up being called upon by companies around the world including the US and New Zealand! This was great for a time but in the end it became too much - I had too many clients wanting my services and not enough hours in the day to help them all!

Q. So what did you do?

A. Simple. I made the realization that there was only one of me but that the most valuable 'asset' I had was the knowledge in my head about how to do Internet marketing. So that's when I started producing information products that I could create one time and then sell many times to people all around the world.

Q. Thanks for that background - so what would your advice be to people wanting to get started with Internet marketing?

A. You have to start out with the end in mind and set objectives for your website and goals for yourself personally. Once you do this you have the right 'compass' to head off in the right direction.

Getting traffic is the lifeblood of any website and the key thing to remember is that you don't need to do everything. You can just become proficient at one single traffic generation method and get a lot of traffic that way.

Q. What are some of the mistakes you see people making in Internet marketing?

A. I see a lot of people focusing too much on getting new traffic rather than trying to get more response and more sales from their existing traffic. Unless you have literally just gone live right this minute you will always be getting some amount of traffic.

The key to success is not always to be looking to pour new traffic into the site but improve the relationship you have with each person that is already finding your website.

Q. Can you give us some examples?

A. Sure. Most people need to be told about a particular offer or opportunity seven times before they take action on it so unless you have some way of achieving this with people coming to your website then you won't make many sales!

You can achieve this by getting people onto a mailing list. Give them something free and of value so they will join your mailing list and you can build a relationship with them.

It's simple really - the more you can help people and build up trust with them the more they will like you, trust you and take action on your recommendations.

Q. So how exactly can you do this?

A. Well there are lots of different ways. My own personal favorite is to give people free videos. You can see this if you goto my website that I give away a ton of free videos that give you advice on how to market your website on the Internet.

By doing this I am showing you that I know what I'm talking about, my advice makes you more money and that I am to be trusted. Then, if I create my own product people will know that it is a good product because they will have seen maybe ten or twenty free videos from me by that point that give real value.

Q. Does it need to be videos though?

A. Not at all. You just need to give something away that people want. Help people overcome the challenges and hurdles they have in their life in whichever area you are focusing on. This way you are demonstrating to them that you can help and you understand their position.

It's strange but you start off in Internet marketing thinking that it's all about search engines, the technology and the Internet. But it's not. It's just like any other business.

It's about people - the quicker you realize this and start building meaningful relationships with as many people online as you can the shorter your road to success will be!

Q. Thanks for your time Michael. Do you have any last words of advice for people getting started?

A. Yes of course! Go and grab all the free Internet marketing videos from! Seriously though - you will learn a lot there totally free of charge plus you can see how I go about building a relationship with the tens of thousands of people on my mailing list.

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