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Saturday, December 23, 2006

December 23 - My BBC Times

Profy asked me to write a post about my experiences at the BBC, so heck. I did... Here's the beginning. Here's the actual thing though.


I think it’s safe to say, I can consider myself a bit of a Web 2.0 geek now. I’ve been working at Profy for the past couple of months, and three weeks ago I was interviewed by the BBC who wanted to do an interview with me on BBC Radio Five Live, about my experiences blogging, and they wanted my opinion on Web 2.0. I explained exactly what I did (blogging about Web 2.0, gadgets, technology, the computers and the internet), as part of a weekly program called Pods And Blogs.

I told them all I could about Web 2.0 technologies, new start-ups, and a few sites and topics that got a mention included…

My own blog, (Free advertising. How could I resist?)
A spiffy blog called (I did promise!)
Viral video sites including YouTube. (It was bound to happen.)
Easy website creation tools, including Squidoo and Piczo. (They’re just so popular!)
The 43 Bus Blog. (Ironically, one of the busses I ride to and from school on!)
The Manchester Blog Awards (Which unfortunately I missed!)
What Web 2.0 actually was… (To which I had no definitive answer.)
Who I actually was and where I was from… (We forgot about this one!)
Web 2.0 in practice in people’s lives, and whether they know they’re using it. (This was interesting.)
Social networking. Why has it taken off so much? (Because it saves people getting up out of bed.)
Internet security. The scams, the hacks and all the nasties in-between. (I was completely unprepared!)
Kids & the net. What we do. (What do we do? Waste our time on pointless viral videos, social networking, etc.)
My opinion on the future of the net. (This was the best bit, in my opinion.)
User generated content, and sites that rely on it. (YouTube, for example.)

At the BBC, I was treated to the full shazzam. I was given a shiny little pass. I was then let through by a burly looking security guard, into a large room, in which there were lots of desks, tons of computers, and the sound of chattering voices. To the right, were a row of sound-proofed recording studios, each set up with its own highly expensive recording equipment and fancy electronic buttons, which I didn’t dare touch.

The interview went fine, without a hitch (other than me mixing up my words on numerous occasions). I’d achieved my goal, of providing a useful insight into my life, Web 2.0, blogging, and even managed to get Profy a mention once or twice. Everyone was ever so friendly, and I was questioned quite a bit by the people there.

The behind the scenes people at the BBC asked about what I did, and a few of them thought that it would be great if I could do a feature with Eamonn O’Neal, a hilarious presenter on BBC Radio Manchester morning show. So they carted me back again, one week later. This time, it was my job to set up a blog for the presenter. All went well, apart from a few minor niggles, including the presenter spelling his name wrong, and me not agreeing that ‘Robby Williams was a great singer’. Turns out I was meant to agree with him, so by the time he was miming chopping my head off, I got the picture. Read the full jazz at Profy. Why did I publish it there? Because they offered me $15 for it... =D


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