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Sunday, December 24, 2006

December 24 - Wallhogs

Mark E Seremet asked me to review a new startup of his just the other day. Wallhogs.


Wallhogs is a new startup that allows you to create your very own wall prints, slightly larger than your average shop sizes. At least, 52″ is bigger than anything that I’ve seen in a shop. This might not sound very Web2.0ish, but the website has a brilliantly simple Web 2.0 design and features some pretty impressive architecture, worthy of being mentioned here at Profy. It displays some key characteristics that make it this.

Simplicity (simple, minimalist, curved design). Interactivity (video introductions) and most importantly, a blog. The blogosphere has expanded, and with this latest edition, proves that it is not only a blogosphere, but also a hogosphere! Okay… That was corny, but I had to throw it in!

You can easily upload, or select a pre-made graphic or photo, which is then printed onto a patented vinyl that has a magical “semi-adhesive backing”. Which supposedly lets you stick it on a wall, then move it to a different wall. If the lighting isn’t right, move it again! That’s the beauty of it! I had a chat with Mark Seremet, the CEO of Wallhogs, and according to him, it allows unique flexibility and lets you “easily decorate rooms without worrying about painting or any time-consuming work.” Which to me, sounds pretty darn nifty!


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