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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

December 27 - Geonomy

Scott from Geonomy was kind enough to join me for an exclusive interview at - Check it out!

Geonomy is an interesting new website, specializing in geo-tagging anything and everything, particularly anything Wikipedia related. Since its launch, the website has raked in visitors, and I went to find out some more.

Geonomy is very useful in many respects. Its aim is to provide an easier going style wikipedia, where everything, rather than just being plain old info, has a geo-tag too. You can search articles by location, or by a random tag, and the service is a really effective way of finding out lots of information, but in addition, the ability to pinpoint it down to a specific location on a map.

Below each map generated, that is pin pointed with relevant, tagged locations, information will appear from Wikipedia, in relation to each tagged place. Whether it be ‘capital cities’, ‘olympic games host cities’, ‘cities with a population over 1,000,000′, or whatever the random tag may be, the website shows accurate, useful, and relevant information. It’s a great time waster, brain filler and fact finder, all in one place. The ‘random tag’ button is also strangely addictive. Finding random facts about random places and random things that happened there has a kind of odd, magical allure and appeal.

The search that the site has is also very efficiently designed. It looks for the keywords that you’ve specified, in the ‘place name, summary text and tags. Any matching places will then be shown on the map as the triangles’. These triangles are all color coded, so you know who has submitted them, how much information they have, or where the info has come from. ‘Yellow triangles represent Wikipedia pages, red triangles are place markers that tend to have less information, purple trianges are used to denote places that have been added by Geonomy users.’

I also managed to have a chat with co-founder of the website, Scott, and we had a nice little talk. I think that you’ll be interested in the things he has to say. It was all very relaxed, not like a proper interview or anything. It kind of reflects Geonomy as a whole. A very laid back, effective website. Read more...

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