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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

December 27 - Viddler

Wow! Some record huh? No posts for 48 hours! =O I'm on my holidays for a few days now. That's not to say I'm not busy. I had chance to test a new service called Viddler though... I was very impressed.


The next YouTube? appears to be having initial growth problems, but what lies beyond the startup page was very, very impressive. The innovation and ideas packed inside this little video uploader is truly unbelievable!

They add a whole ‘Web 3.0′ aspect to video sharing, with ‘Timed Comments’ that refer to exact moments within videos. Specific moments in videos can also get their own unique tags. For example, in a two hour movie that had a single scene with swearing in, people could see exactly where the swearing happens, therefore, (if they wished), they could skip that particular scene.

There are also three video modes that users can set their videos to. Default mode, which is private. Public mode which is, well… available for all, and Shared mode, which allows the video chosen to be shared only with people inside your Viddler social network. Read more by me at Profy...

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