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Monday, December 04, 2006

December 4 - Harsh Reailty

The Internet and blogging is evolving and expanding so much. I love it when I see that I get a trackback on one of my articles, and usual is thanks to a set group of sites which commonly give them. If w=one was to stop linking to my articles, I might feel something like this poor old dear...

Heart Shaped Blog

But this would be even worse. Infact, I think that if this were to happen, I'd bury my head in a sand pile. NOOOOO! NOOOOO! NOT THE DREADED DIAL-UP! I choose the ice-picks. Torture 2.0 in all it's gruesomeness.

Torture 2.0

My point? Reality is harsh, and sometimes difficult to deal with. Infact, that reminds me of a dilbert comic strip I saw a while ago... I'm going to go find that right now. =D

Okay. =( I can't find it. But it just goes to show, reality is harsh. Any of you guys going to send me the link?

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