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Monday, December 04, 2006

December 4 - TechCrunch Shun Yahoo

I'm a blogging addict... And I wrote a post that got published today that I really wanted to share. You can see a reader of my blog, Erik, (Also known as the former head of Yahoo! Entertainment) shunning his old company, along with a whole bunch of other well known faces. Read the full article!

Yahoo! is losing its way, claim many top names in the land of Web 2.0 according to Michael Arrington, from widely acclaimed blog, TechCrunch. The claim came after Yahoo! TV relaunched, just the other day. I reported on it for Profy and many people (inlcuding an angry commenter on Profy) had things to say about the new revamped service, which weren’t all smiles! The former head of Yahoo Entertainment, Mr Erick Schwartz even put his foot into the fray, writing on the Yahoo Yodel blog, also suggesting that the company had lost its way. Read more...

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