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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

December 6 - Targetted Traffic & Wonderful Widgets - Free!

I'm a huge fan of MyBlogLog, there's no denying it! So I thought it'd be good for me to whip up a post at Profy, and see what they thought... Read more!

MyBlogLog. Perhaps not the website you were expecting? Well, let me tell you some things about the website which you might, or might not have known. This is one of the internet’s most consistent, free advertising bases. Simply submit a site, and gradually, you will see the hits start flowing in. Through MyBlogLog, my website gets 50 extra unique hits each and every day, according to Google Analytics. This might not sound much, but in a year, that’s over 18,000 additional hits! That’s pretty impressive stuff, considering the fact it’s free. Read more!


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