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Friday, December 08, 2006

December 8 - Yourmini's Major Update

Extremely popular Web 2.0 portal, Yourminis, has just re-launched with added features! Check it!

Goowy Media, the company behind the popular personalized start page Yourminis, has recently implemented some major changes to the portal. We have already written about Yourminis at Profy and even interviewed Goowy Media co-founder and CEO Alex Bard. Basically, Yourminis offers you your personalized webpage that lets you view the top digg articles, your stocks, featured YouTube videos, in-portal Google search and more.

So what’s new? Well, it’s all quite amazing really! Some truly spectacular additions make the already superb service one step better. Various new minis have been added to the website, including storage on to easily access your online hosted files, a really smart new, in-built mini browser for light web browsing on the go, a public pages community, and, of course some updates to existing minis. One of these smaller updates is including Profy blog in the Web 2.0 default RSS feeds – something we all thank Alex Bard for. Read more...


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