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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Decmber 13 - Hectic Goings On

I've been really busy lately, and have found myself gradually inching away from the classic 'Tech, Gadgets, Computers, Internet' theme that we have going on here. Nevertheless, I thought it fitting that I let you know why I've been so busy. Well yesterday, I was overcome by a flurry of homework to do, with teachers evidently wanting Christmas off. Today, I've been preparing for the BBC Radio Manchester interview, Skyping long lost Internet Marketers about new websites (which may I add, if I had the choice, I would have already reported on!) and completeing various Xbox 360 games that I'd completely forgotten about! And as a random aftertouch, here's how to setup your blog with Blogger (Part of the interiew).

Okay. Setting up a blog is easy as pie!

Go to and click the bright orange button which says ‘Create A Blog’.

E-mail - (In this case it's...)

Confirm Password - EDITED

Display name - (Life Through A Microphone Presenter) Eamonn

Verify words in box (spatchu in my case!)

Accept Terms (Boring... Legal blah though!)

Pick a blog name (Techzi?)

Grab a website address that people can type in easily (example,

Pick one of the fancy, ready made templates. (Did I just say fancy?!?! *COUGH*)

And… You’re done! Simple as that!


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