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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Site News - BBC Interview

Guys! I told you about the BBC a while back, and how Chris Vallance wanted to show me a bit more about Generation Next.

Well have I got exciting news for you! Today, I went and did an interview with the guy, at the BBC Manchester recording studios. I was shown round by a very friendly lady called Helen, who's from BBC Radio Manchester. She mentioned that she wouldn't mind putting me on air in Manchester too, not just on BBC Radio Five Live, as was planned!

I was asked about how kids use the Internet, Online Danger Threats and what I thought the future of the Internet lay in. It was a great experience, though as I had no notes with me on 'Online Danger', I wasn't sure on exactly what to say. Taken aback, I said about how scammers exploit people to find out their interests, therefore gaining possible answers to secret questions, which in turn provide passwords. I think now that I could have said better, but oh well. I did my best!

Oh well, it wasn't live. And heck, I got on BBC Radio! My blog gets publicity, as does! Who's complaining? He's making a blog post using my interview notes too. I'll post a link when it goes up. And it's up. So here's the link.

Just so you know, I first got interested in computers when I was very, very young. I always wanted to program and such, and am content with only knowing XHTML. Heck, blogging is my future!

Baby's First Language

And no... I wasn't that much of a fanatic!

UPDATE: The post has gone up on the BBC! Some notes that never were intended for publication. Heck, let the people have what they want. If Chris things they'll like it, then I suppose they can read 'em. Read the post!

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