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Sunday, December 31, 2006

December 31 - Superhero Quiz

I'd seen this 'idiotic' quiz around, and despise of the things. But when I'd seen that the likes of Michael Arrington from TechCrunch, and Dave Winer had actually gone and done it themselves, I was inspired. So who was I? Well, I was the same as good ol' Dave.

Superhero Personality Quiz

Why did all these famous people take the quiz like Arrington? Who knows. It drew alot of skepticism to TechCrunch though, with people asking things such as, 'And why did this make it to TechCrunch? This is not Web 2.0 newsworthy!' and such...

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December 31 - Vista Readyboost

Did Windows Vista's new "Ready Boost" technology make a difference to it's startup speed? Oh yeah... Check this out! When I grab my copy of Vista Ultimate along with my new PC next year, I'll be buying myself 4 different 2GB Mimoco USB drives so I can fully enjoy these speedy benefits. Still don't know what I'm talking about? Check it out for yourself...

And whilst I'm here, I'd like to apologize for not posting these past two days, and I'd love to wish you a very happy new year! May the year 2007 be prosperous for all of us. I know that this last year has been one of the best of my life. Let's see if '07 can match up shall we?

Best of luck,
David Wilkinson (aka. Delta Taph)

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Friday, December 29, 2006

December 29 - Paper Planes

There is the normal, the weird and the rather 'odd'. This product falls snuggly into the 2nd category. Why would you want a paper-plane launcher when you could just use the bog-standard way of launching planes? Because it's funner! Makes rubbish designs launch brilliantly, it increases speed and makes sure your opponents are left trailing in the dust. Are you hooked yet? Check the video.

Only £12 from WHSmith! Check it out...

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Thursday, December 28, 2006

December 28 - Inkless Pens

I'm not sure if I've mentioned this at all yet or not, but recently, I grabbed myself a blogging internship with Gadgetell. It was a pleasant surprise to find a good friend of mine, CJCM, was also a blogger there. Here's my first post for the website...

Grand Illusions have created some very modern, stylish inkless pens, based on methods used as far back as medieval times.


Looking not much different from most other stainless stell pens, the only difference is that instead of the classic pen nib we've come to expect, a solid metal one awaits instead. Due to massive demand, the pen is currently out of stock, but more are expected soon. According to the manufacturers, on standard paper, the pen leaves a similar effect to that of a graphite pencil, with one major difference. No smudges, and rubbers don't stand a chance. With no ink to use up, the pen can supposedly last forever, but after heavy use, I imagine that the metal alloy would wear down eventually. Priced at just $30, the pen is poised to be a major hit. Sourced from PopGadget. By me at Gadgetell.

NOTE: Be on the lookout for another post by me called 'Lego Mindstorms Get Creative' which is due to be published on the 30th of December.

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December 28 - Economic Imbalance

This post I wrote at Profy highlights a few valid points that you should all see...

Russia-based, music download site AllOfMP3 made a very brief statement in a press release earlier today, in response to growing pressure by the RIAA to meet their $1.65 trillion lawsuit. It was hopeless from the beginning, and today, and un-named senior AllOfMP3 official made an announcement, which is short meant, ‘Go stuff yourself!’ Obviously, there would be no way that any country, let alone any website would cough up anything close to $1.65 trillion US dollars. The offical from AllOfMP3 said,

“AllofMP3 understands that several U.S. record label companies filed a lawsuit against Media Services in New York,” an unnamed “senior company official” stated. “This suit is unjustified as AllofMP3 does not operate in New York. Certainly the labels are free to file any suit they wish, despite knowing full well that AllofMP3 operates legally in Russia. In the mean time, AllofMP3 plans to continue to operate legally and comply with all Russian laws.”

Which of course is quite true! By offering DRM-free music inside Russia, AllOfMP3 is operating under Russian laws without incident. Many conspiracy theories have been floating around the Internet though, as to what the massive cash demanded by the RIAA will go to fuel. Some eager commenters on Digg, pointed out that the sum of $1.65 trillion, is actually worth more than the groos domestic product worth of Russia itself, which currently stands at $1.576 trillion. To me, the amount seems slightly excessive, and if Russian laws make the website legal, then I believe the RIAA has no right to go in and shut the website down. Of course it’s cutting their profits slightly short, but at last count, the music industry wasn’t doing all that badly either though. Thanks to the Internet, the world’s gone mad… But heck, the positive points massively outweight the negative ones. Sourced from TechCrunch. By me at

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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

December 27 - Geonomy

Scott from Geonomy was kind enough to join me for an exclusive interview at - Check it out!

Geonomy is an interesting new website, specializing in geo-tagging anything and everything, particularly anything Wikipedia related. Since its launch, the website has raked in visitors, and I went to find out some more.

Geonomy is very useful in many respects. Its aim is to provide an easier going style wikipedia, where everything, rather than just being plain old info, has a geo-tag too. You can search articles by location, or by a random tag, and the service is a really effective way of finding out lots of information, but in addition, the ability to pinpoint it down to a specific location on a map.

Below each map generated, that is pin pointed with relevant, tagged locations, information will appear from Wikipedia, in relation to each tagged place. Whether it be ‘capital cities’, ‘olympic games host cities’, ‘cities with a population over 1,000,000′, or whatever the random tag may be, the website shows accurate, useful, and relevant information. It’s a great time waster, brain filler and fact finder, all in one place. The ‘random tag’ button is also strangely addictive. Finding random facts about random places and random things that happened there has a kind of odd, magical allure and appeal.

The search that the site has is also very efficiently designed. It looks for the keywords that you’ve specified, in the ‘place name, summary text and tags. Any matching places will then be shown on the map as the triangles’. These triangles are all color coded, so you know who has submitted them, how much information they have, or where the info has come from. ‘Yellow triangles represent Wikipedia pages, red triangles are place markers that tend to have less information, purple trianges are used to denote places that have been added by Geonomy users.’

I also managed to have a chat with co-founder of the website, Scott, and we had a nice little talk. I think that you’ll be interested in the things he has to say. It was all very relaxed, not like a proper interview or anything. It kind of reflects Geonomy as a whole. A very laid back, effective website. Read more...

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December 27 - Viddler

Wow! Some record huh? No posts for 48 hours! =O I'm on my holidays for a few days now. That's not to say I'm not busy. I had chance to test a new service called Viddler though... I was very impressed.


The next YouTube? appears to be having initial growth problems, but what lies beyond the startup page was very, very impressive. The innovation and ideas packed inside this little video uploader is truly unbelievable!

They add a whole ‘Web 3.0′ aspect to video sharing, with ‘Timed Comments’ that refer to exact moments within videos. Specific moments in videos can also get their own unique tags. For example, in a two hour movie that had a single scene with swearing in, people could see exactly where the swearing happens, therefore, (if they wished), they could skip that particular scene.

There are also three video modes that users can set their videos to. Default mode, which is private. Public mode which is, well… available for all, and Shared mode, which allows the video chosen to be shared only with people inside your Viddler social network. Read more by me at Profy...

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Sunday, December 24, 2006

December 24 - Internet Censorship

I'm really not sure if today would be the best day to look at this issue, but I think that Internet Censorship is a serious issue at the moment. Should the Internet be entirely free, or should certain controversial matters be edited to suit a wider audience?

Well, here is a prime example of what I'm talking about. bLaugh's artist's unedited sketch on the left. On the right, you see the final version that went to press. Of course, with a multi-cultured community like bLaugh's, I can understand why they'd want to censor a cartoon that made it out that all Terrorist's looked like the stereotype on the left. But I'd like to leave you to brew over this over the coming weeks and decide for yourself, whether or not net content should be controlled. Leave your comments, have your say. I won't be online tomorrow though, but playing with fancy new gadgets, and most likely having a great time on my Xbox 360. Have a very merry Christmas!

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Merry Christmas!

Wow! Hasn't it crept up fast? Well, there's little over 5 hours left now till Christmas day itself, and it's only fitting that I wish you a very spiffy Christmas day!

I hope you all get the nice little gadgets you ask for, and that you have a really special day. God's Blessings - David Wilkinson

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December 24 - The F Word

Truth be told, with this one, I'm reporting news which is 6 months old to most of you, but this is a very funny Firefox Flick, portraying the Microsoft Internet Explorer offices.

The new F word. Kind amore family friendly, huh?

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December 24 - Wallhogs

Mark E Seremet asked me to review a new startup of his just the other day. Wallhogs.


Wallhogs is a new startup that allows you to create your very own wall prints, slightly larger than your average shop sizes. At least, 52″ is bigger than anything that I’ve seen in a shop. This might not sound very Web2.0ish, but the website has a brilliantly simple Web 2.0 design and features some pretty impressive architecture, worthy of being mentioned here at Profy. It displays some key characteristics that make it this.

Simplicity (simple, minimalist, curved design). Interactivity (video introductions) and most importantly, a blog. The blogosphere has expanded, and with this latest edition, proves that it is not only a blogosphere, but also a hogosphere! Okay… That was corny, but I had to throw it in!

You can easily upload, or select a pre-made graphic or photo, which is then printed onto a patented vinyl that has a magical “semi-adhesive backing”. Which supposedly lets you stick it on a wall, then move it to a different wall. If the lighting isn’t right, move it again! That’s the beauty of it! I had a chat with Mark Seremet, the CEO of Wallhogs, and according to him, it allows unique flexibility and lets you “easily decorate rooms without worrying about painting or any time-consuming work.” Which to me, sounds pretty darn nifty!


Continue reading my post at Profy...

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Saturday, December 23, 2006

December 23 - Pachebel Passion

Comedian Rob Paravonian vents my anger for me... This exact same thing happened at school the other day. Our Music teacher told us to play 'C U When You Get Their' by 'DJ Coolio'. Guess what the chords are? Yep... Canon. Drives me kinda mad... Perhaps not this far, but heck! This guy rocks man!

Replay it 100 times... You appreciate the bits that you missed the first 99 times.

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December 23 - My BBC Times

Profy asked me to write a post about my experiences at the BBC, so heck. I did... Here's the beginning. Here's the actual thing though.


I think it’s safe to say, I can consider myself a bit of a Web 2.0 geek now. I’ve been working at Profy for the past couple of months, and three weeks ago I was interviewed by the BBC who wanted to do an interview with me on BBC Radio Five Live, about my experiences blogging, and they wanted my opinion on Web 2.0. I explained exactly what I did (blogging about Web 2.0, gadgets, technology, the computers and the internet), as part of a weekly program called Pods And Blogs.

I told them all I could about Web 2.0 technologies, new start-ups, and a few sites and topics that got a mention included…

My own blog, (Free advertising. How could I resist?)
A spiffy blog called (I did promise!)
Viral video sites including YouTube. (It was bound to happen.)
Easy website creation tools, including Squidoo and Piczo. (They’re just so popular!)
The 43 Bus Blog. (Ironically, one of the busses I ride to and from school on!)
The Manchester Blog Awards (Which unfortunately I missed!)
What Web 2.0 actually was… (To which I had no definitive answer.)
Who I actually was and where I was from… (We forgot about this one!)
Web 2.0 in practice in people’s lives, and whether they know they’re using it. (This was interesting.)
Social networking. Why has it taken off so much? (Because it saves people getting up out of bed.)
Internet security. The scams, the hacks and all the nasties in-between. (I was completely unprepared!)
Kids & the net. What we do. (What do we do? Waste our time on pointless viral videos, social networking, etc.)
My opinion on the future of the net. (This was the best bit, in my opinion.)
User generated content, and sites that rely on it. (YouTube, for example.)

At the BBC, I was treated to the full shazzam. I was given a shiny little pass. I was then let through by a burly looking security guard, into a large room, in which there were lots of desks, tons of computers, and the sound of chattering voices. To the right, were a row of sound-proofed recording studios, each set up with its own highly expensive recording equipment and fancy electronic buttons, which I didn’t dare touch.

The interview went fine, without a hitch (other than me mixing up my words on numerous occasions). I’d achieved my goal, of providing a useful insight into my life, Web 2.0, blogging, and even managed to get Profy a mention once or twice. Everyone was ever so friendly, and I was questioned quite a bit by the people there.

The behind the scenes people at the BBC asked about what I did, and a few of them thought that it would be great if I could do a feature with Eamonn O’Neal, a hilarious presenter on BBC Radio Manchester morning show. So they carted me back again, one week later. This time, it was my job to set up a blog for the presenter. All went well, apart from a few minor niggles, including the presenter spelling his name wrong, and me not agreeing that ‘Robby Williams was a great singer’. Turns out I was meant to agree with him, so by the time he was miming chopping my head off, I got the picture. Read the full jazz at Profy. Why did I publish it there? Because they offered me $15 for it... =D


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December 23 - ZCubes Portal


ZCubes, probably one of the net’s first good browser in a browser websites. Why would you need one? Well, aside from being a great portal/homepage (much more useful and customizable than the Google Homepage). Needing no complicated plugins whatsoever, ZCubes is a great portal application that lets you do anything and everything you ever dreamed you could do on a PC, all within the comfort of a single, online page. Read more by me at Profy...


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December 23 - Christmas Goings On

Here at Techzi, we've been busy getting ready for Christmas. Now only a couple of days away, we thought we'd let you know how we've been getting on.

Timothy, Aged 11, Guest Blogger, has spent quite a few days in New York. I'll let him explain all that when he gets home though.

Seshi, Who shall now be known by her real name, Caitlin, Aged 12, Spiffy Graphics Artist, has been busy moderating the forums, kicking some spam-bot asses, and designing new uber characters to compliment the plots going on on the Roleplay boards.

Delta, also known as David, aka. me, aged 12, has been monitoring the site's visitors closely, to see who reads the blog. In the past few days, we've had some pretty impressive guests! Thanks to MyBlogLog for letting me know!

Amit Agarwal, from Digital Inspiration had a good read over my blog, much to my surprise!

Chris Pirillo from bLaugh chimed in, only to find his own cartoons plastered over my blog...

No week would be complete without Michael Arrington stopping by for a chat either, that was extremely good stuff.

And Mark Seremet, co-founder of Take Two Interactive (Best known for the Grand Theft Auto series, Prey, Manhunt, Bully, Midnight Club, Red Dead Revolver and the Elder Scrolls games, as well as owning Joytech and several other major gaming publishers), had a good read of my blog, and I made quite good friends with him. He's a great guy, and he said that he'd let the guys at Take Two know that I might be interested in testing some of their games. Now that would be cool...

All in all, it's been a busy past week. Timmy promised to bring back some photos for us, and I know he's already had a good luck round the Apple store in NYC, apparently the coolest one in the world.

Life is insane, yet brilliantly planned out. God knew what he was doing!

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Friday, December 22, 2006

December 22 - The Irony

This is a classic! Particularly aimed at the GPS smuggies among you all. That reminds me of a really nice phone I saw on the Engadget Christmas list the other day, but I'm not sure if it works here in Europe. Back to the point, here's the cartoon.

GPS Locator Device

Sweet stuff huh? Having never had the chance to get one over someone in this way, I wouldn't know quite how sweet, but it looks great!

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Thursday, December 21, 2006

December 21 - I Blog, Therefore I Am

This has to be one of my favourite cartoons I've seen this year, and trust me... I've seen some very funny ones! Dilbert has done some quality work this year, bLaugh too. That's not to mention all the other, smaller cartoon blogs out there that I've had my eyes on. The creative people who make up our Internet deserve some recognition, so here I plan to give it to them, mentioning any particular posts that make me laugh, cringe or plunge me deep into the depths and the realms of my own imagination. In the mean-time though, I share with you now, this brilliant cartoon.

I Blog, Therefore I Am.

I Blog, Therefore I Am

For those of you who don't know, I won't bore you with a history lesson, but good old René was a 17th century philosopher, mathematician and scientist. Tally-ho... There is blogging to be done!

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December 21 - Power Eating America

America is the world's dominant nation, and when things like this turn up, it's seriously freaky! Popular Mechanics is reporting that the USA's new X-51 Hypersonic Cruise Missile will have the power to strike any destination on the planet, within one hour of launch, usually much, much less.

In my opinion, no one nation should have a power like this. Theoretically, with something like this, America could crush other nations in the blink of an eye. The ability to travel 600 miles in 10 minutes is not one to be snubbed, by any means!

Read more on the Popular Mechanics website...


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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

December 20 - Exclusive Video

The world doesn't know yet, and I'm not actually sure if I'm meant to be telling you, but here you are.

Hope you can make some use out of it!


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December 20 - Net Neutrality

Christmas is nearing... But even in exciting times like this, it is important to remember that Net Neutrality still needs our help. The Internet is a great place for Christmas shopping, and I know that most of my presents this year have been bought at either Dabs or Amazon. But where would the net be without neutrality?

Well, there's a very imformative video that just popped along to say hello.

And that's the whole thing! 4 minutes of info, that will change the world. IP's are locked in a furious debate, with no way out. Join the fight for net neutrality! JOin the fight for freedom.

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December 20 - Blogger Beta Done

Blogger is out of beta now. Check the logo! The first thing that hit me when I finished the whole thing. One problem, I'm still not signed up with beta. The sign-up link is gone now though, so what on earth is going on?

Still, it's a cool development. But I have lots of questions still unanswered. Anybody willing to give me a hand?


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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

December 19 - Will It Blend iPod Edition!

Over at, we've seen some truly spectacular things. I great new one to add to the list, is the deceased iPod, which the remains can be found on eBay... But to the point, here is the carnage you came to see.

Thanks to Gadgetell for tipping us off! But look at that high bid on eBay! SHEESH!

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Monday, December 18, 2006

December 18 - Subway Japanese Style

I'm forever getting told by friends at school, that my Subway addiction needs to stop. Robert Sanzalone (Check out his blog too!), a Web 2.0 Blogger, and good friend of mine, ironically posted this video on his personal blog recently. This is addiction in a nutshell. Classic Robert! I'm so glad they have Subways outside the UK though.

That was the thing that was worrying me most about Canada... =D


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Sunday, December 17, 2006

December 17 - Dilbert Board Game

Dilbert... The timeless IT comic character, has just got himself his very own boardgame! Having been a life long fan, ThinkGeek couldn't have pleased me more, just in time for Christmas too!

The most ineffective workers are systematically moved to the place where they can do the least damage: management.

In Dilbert: the Board Game, you and up to five friends toil in an office of evil HR directors, accounting trolls, canine consultants, and a boss who bears a suspicious resemblance to the devil. Every project assigned to you is doomed from the start, so your best bet is to dump it on someone else or try to get it killed before it eats away any more of your life. In fact, the only thing that really matters in the end is your own happiness.

Game play is unique and varied. While running to get a signature of someone in accounting, you might just fall and land in "Heck." Cards played not only affect the game but how you play it. 'WTH?' you ask. Here is an example of one of the "consultant" cards: Circle of Trust: While this card is in play, all players must hold hands, forming a circle. We've never played a game this zany and true to life. Seriously, why do your own work when you can pretend to do Dilbert's? In the battle against stupidity and incompetence, sometimes you have to fight fire with fire. via ThinkGeek.


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Saturday, December 16, 2006

December 16 - Joel Comm

“A Free Christmas Gift for
Friends of Joel Comm!”

You don't actually have to be a friend of the the guy, but Joel Comm, an Internet Marketer, who's list I happen to be on, has just launched a free product, for all to see! The report looks at different times of contextual advertising... It's very 'to the point', and I highly recommend it! You don't even have to give your name or e-mail, just click the 'PDF' button, and off you go! It's very good, trust me. No strings, no bells, no whistles, just pure content. Nothing more to say really!

Nine days till Christmas now! I've been really, really busy lately, so my apologies.


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Friday, December 15, 2006

December 15 - Traffic Whirlwind

If you can afford it, Michael Cheney shows you exactly how you can drive thousands of people to your website in an instant. NOTE: This is highly exclusive stuff from CMN. Check it out!

And yes... I did say 'If you can afford it'. But it's proven to be effective. If you have the cash, and are willing to spend it, this is the way to go. For those long term readers of the site (over a month), which is roughly 16% of you, you'll know that I interviewed Michael over Skype a while back. I also work for his organization now, helping around, doing what I can. Here is another interview that I can publish. Admittedly, no. This one isn't exclusive, but so what? It's cool enough to be worth a mention.

Q. First off - can you tell us a little about yourself for those people that maybe haven't heard of you yet?

A. Sure. I first got involved in the Internet in 1995 when I built my very first website. It started out as a hobby but soon more and more people wanted websites.

I then soon realized that a website with no traffic is downright useless so I taught myself search engine optimization. A few years later I set up a consultancy providing search engine optimization services to businesses.

Q. So what was it that made you get into Internet marketing?

A. I just saw that it was what everyone on the Internet wanted to know about. From guys in their bedroom with a hobby website right through to multimillion dollar companies - everyone wants to know how to get more traffic to their website and get more visitors. So it started from there really.

I started helping people get onto the first page of search engines and everything was going really well. Too well actually!

Q. What do you mean by 'too well'?

A. In the end word starting spreading about my consultancy and what started by just being a service I provided to local companies in the UK ended up being called upon by companies around the world including the US and New Zealand! This was great for a time but in the end it became too much - I had too many clients wanting my services and not enough hours in the day to help them all!

Q. So what did you do?

A. Simple. I made the realization that there was only one of me but that the most valuable 'asset' I had was the knowledge in my head about how to do Internet marketing. So that's when I started producing information products that I could create one time and then sell many times to people all around the world.

Q. Thanks for that background - so what would your advice be to people wanting to get started with Internet marketing?

A. You have to start out with the end in mind and set objectives for your website and goals for yourself personally. Once you do this you have the right 'compass' to head off in the right direction.

Getting traffic is the lifeblood of any website and the key thing to remember is that you don't need to do everything. You can just become proficient at one single traffic generation method and get a lot of traffic that way.

Q. What are some of the mistakes you see people making in Internet marketing?

A. I see a lot of people focusing too much on getting new traffic rather than trying to get more response and more sales from their existing traffic. Unless you have literally just gone live right this minute you will always be getting some amount of traffic.

The key to success is not always to be looking to pour new traffic into the site but improve the relationship you have with each person that is already finding your website.

Q. Can you give us some examples?

A. Sure. Most people need to be told about a particular offer or opportunity seven times before they take action on it so unless you have some way of achieving this with people coming to your website then you won't make many sales!

You can achieve this by getting people onto a mailing list. Give them something free and of value so they will join your mailing list and you can build a relationship with them.

It's simple really - the more you can help people and build up trust with them the more they will like you, trust you and take action on your recommendations.

Q. So how exactly can you do this?

A. Well there are lots of different ways. My own personal favorite is to give people free videos. You can see this if you goto my website that I give away a ton of free videos that give you advice on how to market your website on the Internet.

By doing this I am showing you that I know what I'm talking about, my advice makes you more money and that I am to be trusted. Then, if I create my own product people will know that it is a good product because they will have seen maybe ten or twenty free videos from me by that point that give real value.

Q. Does it need to be videos though?

A. Not at all. You just need to give something away that people want. Help people overcome the challenges and hurdles they have in their life in whichever area you are focusing on. This way you are demonstrating to them that you can help and you understand their position.

It's strange but you start off in Internet marketing thinking that it's all about search engines, the technology and the Internet. But it's not. It's just like any other business.

It's about people - the quicker you realize this and start building meaningful relationships with as many people online as you can the shorter your road to success will be!

Q. Thanks for your time Michael. Do you have any last words of advice for people getting started?

A. Yes of course! Go and grab all the free Internet marketing videos from! Seriously though - you will learn a lot there totally free of charge plus you can see how I go about building a relationship with the tens of thousands of people on my mailing list.

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December 15 - Shirt Folding

Lisa, who works at Teradyne Inc, has a brilliant blog over at, and she's the shiny star that posted on 'Bad Jokes R Us', the blog Eamonn set up just the other day. I thank her again, not just for commenting, but for putting me onto an extremely funny video of how to fold shirts, Japanese style.

Okay. Perhaps it's not technology related, but how could I pass up a golden video like this?

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Thursday, December 14, 2006

December 14 - CMN

If CNN isn't your thing, and you're looking to make money rather than find out how many people have died from some car bomb somewhere or other, then CMN is for you. This is the thing that I was 'itching' to tell you about, and trust me. This thing is great!

CMN really is great. That screenshot is just a taster of the brilliant videos in store! I did a bit of bug testing for this, and know from the videos I've watched, that this is gonna be great!


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December 14 - Google Patents

Google has launched a pretty nifty beta version of Google Patent Search, which makes it easy to search the full text of the U.S. patent corpus and find patents that interest you. Start your exploration at or visit the Advanced Patent Search page to search by criteria, including patent number, inventor, and filing date. You can view images of original patents online. Check it out, or read the blog post by the Google people!


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December 14 - BBC Interview

Okay... I was on BBC Manchester, and a few little things came out.

My real name isn't Delta, but David. Hmm... Well now that one is out, you can go listen to the whole funny thing over at the BBC website. The interview went brilliantly! I was laughing my head off, as Eamonn decided to spell his name wrong. I had a good look at Eamonn's 6 screens which he uses to operate Studio 1, and also had a laugh 'getting one over him' with the optical zoom. Brilliant!

And if you're in need for a laugh, check out Eamonn's new blog I set up for him, called Bad Jokes R Us - And yes... They're bad! Turned out that the first commenter was 'Lisa', from my Dad's work. Rather cool really!

All-in-all, I thought it went much better than the other interview, despite it being live. I think that because it was live though, I did alot better. It was easier sitting across the desk from a funny man, rather than talking over an ISDN line to a sane person.

My mum was in the corner of the studio, laughing like mad when I accidentally said 'Megapickle', rather than 'Megapixels'. I myself found that rather funny. But Eamonn didn't even know the difference between a 'Gigabyte and a chicken nugget'.

Roland's convinced that I made a 'megapickle' outta myself and that the phrase will catch on. Who knows? ;)

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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

December 13 - RIAA & Kids

This is one for my friends, who are forever downloading illegal music (Jonathan, you listening?) - But if faced with a situation like this, I doubt that any of them would be quite this smart. However, this kid does the right thing.


Look... I didn't say 'honest', but I did say 'right'. Heck, in today's society, I'll probably be expecting a 'Cease & Desist' letter from them any day now.


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Decmber 13 - Hectic Goings On

I've been really busy lately, and have found myself gradually inching away from the classic 'Tech, Gadgets, Computers, Internet' theme that we have going on here. Nevertheless, I thought it fitting that I let you know why I've been so busy. Well yesterday, I was overcome by a flurry of homework to do, with teachers evidently wanting Christmas off. Today, I've been preparing for the BBC Radio Manchester interview, Skyping long lost Internet Marketers about new websites (which may I add, if I had the choice, I would have already reported on!) and completeing various Xbox 360 games that I'd completely forgotten about! And as a random aftertouch, here's how to setup your blog with Blogger (Part of the interiew).

Okay. Setting up a blog is easy as pie!

Go to and click the bright orange button which says ‘Create A Blog’.

E-mail - (In this case it's...)

Confirm Password - EDITED

Display name - (Life Through A Microphone Presenter) Eamonn

Verify words in box (spatchu in my case!)

Accept Terms (Boring... Legal blah though!)

Pick a blog name (Techzi?)

Grab a website address that people can type in easily (example,

Pick one of the fancy, ready made templates. (Did I just say fancy?!?! *COUGH*)

And… You’re done! Simple as that!


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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

December 12 - Skype Podcasts

I must admit that last time I attempted to record a conversation with somebody over Skype, we had a handful of problems. Loss of connections, irritating, unexplained clicking sounds, and a whole host of other annoying nigglies which we didn't experience when not on 'Record Mode'. However, it did eventually work.

Skype vs. Gizmo vs. Vonage

Bob and Sam had an entirely different situation though. At least the recording was audible! Even after that, I trawled through it for an hour, writing a transcript. Only if I'd had Dragon Naturally Speaking 9 then. Hopefully it will arrive by Christmas. I won it at - A site I blog for. VLAD ROCKS! And now that he's a 9rules member, well... The status speaks for itself!

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Monday, December 11, 2006

December 11 - The Future Of The Net

During my trip to the BBC last Wednesday, a question I was asked, was what the future of the net was. Your answer?

This is The Future

Me being the old guy, and the two kids being Bill Gates' great-grandchildren. Hmmm... Clearly the Gates fortune was allocated elsewhere.

And while you're here, be listening out for me at 2AM, GMT! If you can't be bothered, simply stream it from the BBC Radio Five Live website. All that said, I was given a chance to listen to the recording today. Truth be told, I sound like a complete goof!

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December 11 - Break Videos

I told you I'd been busy...

We have all grown to believe after many people saying so before, that community and user generated content is the king, and evidently the start of the treacherous path forward. But what on earth were Break thinking, when they announced that they’d pay up to $2,000 for a short video clip? The site, formerly Big-Boys, is indeed offering to pay users incredible sums of money, just to upload simple shorts. No experience needed! Read more...


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December 11 - Pixelotto

Another Profy post... I've been busy this past week.

The Million Dollar Homepage, created by Alex Tew, the student who made a million, has now embarked on his latest project. Pixelotto. However, after the success of The Million Dollar Homepage, many have been quick to heavily criticize Tew’s latest venture, including TechCrunch, who have called the idea ’stupid’. I wouldn’t go for that, but actually think that now, after it’s been running a week or so, will do very, very well! Read more...


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December 11 - Technorati Review

This post actually was written on Profy by me...

Is it possible to have a blog and have no idea on what Technorati is? I doubt it. Technorati, one of the fastest growing websites on the net, allows you, in short, to see what others are saying about your blog, who they are, where they link to you and what they think. It shows a quick brief of what people on the net are searching for and what topics are hot in the blogosphere. Technorati searches the blogosphere regularly, showing the most recent posts and links on the website. Read more...


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December 11 - Making Money On The Net

I originally wrote this post for, but I've decided I'll be changing it, and writing a more in-depth and straight to the point guide. I suppose this can only be good for you! Well, here it is...

Making cash blogging sounds like the dream job, but in reality, it's alot harder than one might think. You read wonder stories of how working from home changed someone's life. But in reality, it didn't just happen over night. That's the problem with reality. It's harsh. If you really want to earn some big bucks blogging though, you've come to the right place. Over a several part mini-series, I'll be showing you exactly how to make tonnes of cash using your blog.

Like I said, it won't be instant. It will take time. It will require effort. But by the end of the course, I hope to have brought you one step closer to earning a substantial income from home, by solely blogging. Today's lesson will be an introduction to the basics of monetized blogging, the different marketing models you might use and such sorts.

Playing It Safe

There are many, many ways of getting masses of visitors to you blog very, very quickly. The only snag is, most of them cost. Of course, there are always free alternatives, even if they are more time consuming. To tell you the truth, I've never found that submitting my blog to 1001 directories has ever helped my visitor numbers. For this reason, I suggest more modern methods of getting masses of targeted hits, concentrated on a single site. Popular websites like help with this kind of thing.

Quick & Easy

As in everything though, if manual labour isn't your thing, then you can always use a scheme like Google AdWords to promote your site. This is a guaranteed method of getting masses of hits to your website, reasonably quickly. Set yourself a budget, even pick a website to advertise on, and off you go!

But how the heck do I make money?

Hold up cowboy... That's next lesson. But I will tell you various ways you can get started. I'll be doing play-by-play reviews of the various methods themselves though during the coming weeks. To get started, you can begin to scout around for place that offer advertising (Note that I don't recommend pop-ups!), for example,Google AdSense and TextLinkAds are just a few services that I can guarantee you will make you a nice sum of money over time. Of course, for both of these to function effectively, you need hits flooding in from various sources, referrals (links from other web-pages), organic sources (links from search results) and adverts (either paid or free).

But do I need to be a computer genius? I'm a good writer, but...

But what? In some cases, you don't even need to be a good writer! It's deadly simple. Keep in mind, I'm 12 and I'm making hundreds of dollars a month by blogging. I'm not a spectacular writer. I'm not a total computer genius. Okay, I know XHTML, but that does not make me a genius. In fact, compared to most of you out there, I'm a complete novice. But that should be encouraging. If I can do it, you most certainly can! There are loads of free hosts put there. Loads of free blogging places too! There's, and many others.

Which is for me?

A word of warning... Not! They don't actually let you place adverts on blogs hosted there, for 'security reasons'. That said, no-body is quite sure what these security concerns are. Anyhow, editing the HTML at Wordpress isn't easy either, and that's a big problem, as most advertising programs require a simple copy and paste of coding so you can begin to earn money. There's always blogger though! They allow easy editing of your blog's template, allowing easy HTML editing. They even offer integrated AdSense sign-up and support! Of course, Blogger is Google owned anyway, so this is just a nice little bonus.

But do I need to be a computer genius? I'm a good writer, but...

But what? In some cases, you don't even need to be a good writer! It's deadly simple. Keep in mind, I'm 12 and I'm making hundreds of dollars a month by blogging. I'm not a spectacular writer. I'm not a total computer genius. Okay, I know XHTML, but that does not make me a genius. In fact, compared to most of you out there, I'm a complete novice. But that should be encouraging. If I can do it, you most certainly can! There are loads of free hosts put there. Loads of free blogging places too! There's, and many others.

Today's Round-Up

Though I've not stressed any particular points that you must/must not do, services that you should/shouldn't sign up to, this post was merely the introduction into a long series of posts, designed to show you how to make big money online. Of course, it's everyone's dream. Not everyone is cut out to do it either... But without a doubt, it will be possible for you to make money online, one way or another. There's so much to choose from! Affiliate Programs (, Text Links (, PPC (, Pixels (like but on a smaller scale, perhaps in your sidebar), Paid Reviews (, and many other options out there.

If you plan on using TextLinkAds though, you'll need your own hosting. There are free options out there, but they are few and risky. If you really plan on getting far in blogging, you'll need your own host. Though these cost, they're highly stable the majority of the time, and it is possible to set up your own server from home anyway. With any luck, I'll be able to bring you a lesson dedicated solely to that.

If you can't make money online, I'm prepared to eat my socks. For your pleasure and enjoyment, I'll upload the video to too! That way, I'll be making cash whilst eating socks. You'll also be enjoying yourself whilst I'm doing, therefore everyone is happy. And slightly richer!

See what I mean? If you can't manage to make cash online, there's something wrong with you... Stay tuned for further lessons in this exciting series! We all know that cash is nice, so let's go make some! This is the Internet. All that stands between you and an unlimited income is your lousy company firewall! Let's get going!

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Sunday, December 10, 2006

December 10 - Thinking Putty

If the $1140/£570 Cyberman helmet was a bit too much, then perhaps this new 'Thinking Putty' will be more up your street. Rather random, it provides hours of pointless fun, certain to raise smiles on the faces of even the most mediocre amongst you. Aside from the magical elemental powers it has, it possesses a magical, addictive power too! Best of all, you can now get from my Firebox!

Image of Thinking Putty

Thinking Putty's unique properties mean it doesn't react quite like any other substance known to man. Thinking Putty will bounce, but with enough force it will also shatter. Thinking Putty will stretch, but you can also tear it. Thinking Putty can even be made to snap. As David Coleman used to say, "Quite remarkable".

thinking putty Thinking Putty is completely unique and now, thanks to Firebox, you can own a tin packed with around 90g of the stuff, ready to put to work for whatever cause you see fit. Remember: there's very little that can't be achieved with a tin of Thinking Putty and the bare minimum of effort: thinking putty

Thinking Putty is perfect for stress and tension relief, as a desktop or office toy and as a cure for boredom. Watching people react to Putty is truly a unique experience. Maybe you just look at it, hesitant to touch something that might be "sticky" or "gooey". Perhaps you aren't comfortable playing with a toy in front of your workmates? Eventually, though, your subconscious wins over, it'll be in your hands, and you'll never put it down! Squeezing, stretching, and shaping. You won't even realize it's there! As it melts your stress away your creative potential will be unleashed! ...Once you pick Thinking Putty up, you won't put it down. Thinking Putty is available in several different types, click each title to find out more:

Colour Changing
Colour Changing
Colour Changing
Colour Changing
Emerald Green
Electric Blue

Glow in the Dark
Oil Slick

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December 10 - Cybermen Helmets

Firebox has announced their latest addition, a spiffy Cyberman helmet!
Image of Cyberman Replica Display Helmet
Much as we love the Daleks they've got one major deficiency: they don't wear helmets. (Well they do, but plungers on pudding bowls don't count). And as every sci-fi nut knows, any baddie worth his bio-matter vaporiser needs a mean-looking lid. Just ask Darth Vader, Boba Fett (Both Star Wars) and the Cylons (Battle Star Galactia - My Personal Favorite). But when it comes to iconic headgear, nothing beats the spectacularly cool helmets worn by the new breed of Cybermen. Designed to replace the tinfoil tat worn by previous incarnations of the cybernetically augmented nasties, these stunning 2006 redesigns have an ominous, art deco look about them, giving a whole new generation of Dr Who fans cause to scarper behind the sofa.

And now, thanks to Firebox, you can own an officially licensed replica without taking the Tardis to Mondas. Lovingly crafted by the exact same team behind the menacing metallic monsters seen pursuing David Tennant's Dr Who on TV, these design masterpieces have been created using the original moulds. w00tage! Go get one now!

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December 10 - Free PS3 & Wii

My good ol' friend Colbert wrote a post at his blog over at TheSMSGuide, about how if you live in the USA, there's still plenty of time for you to grab your very own next-gen console, free of charge!

I’d like to get my hands on the Sony PS3 and Nintendo Wii, but I cant. Coz I dont live in the USA. Darn!

Some high-profile giveaway offers from the likes of GameFly and Comedy Central are already finished, but there are dozens more still active and waiting to be won. Come across any contests we missed?


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DEcember 10 - Paintball Ownage

Three-hundred paintballs in the chest. Just for a student council campaign video?

That must have hurt...

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Saturday, December 09, 2006

December 9 - Halo 3 TV Advert

Well, in New-Zealand, a new Halo 3 TV advert has just started screening. Check it out! Rather impressive stuff in my opinion. As a lifelong Halo fan, I'm always looking around for spiffy fan bonuses and stuff. I find the whole 'helmet off' aspect rather interesting though. Will Master Chief's face be revealed in Halo 3? Who knows. I'm doubting it though.


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Friday, December 08, 2006

World Breaking News - Blogger Beta Done!

My suspicions have been confirmed! Just seconds ago, I received notification that blogger, all of blogger, is now being upgraded! Blogger beta is no more! It's done now, for real! I'm signing up with my Google Account as soon as I wake up tomorrow! I can't wait for this... Having a team blog, I wasn't eligible for it previously, but now it's proper. Blogger is out of beta!

: It appears that overnight, Blogger has removed me access to the beta. That sucks... O_O