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Thursday, January 04, 2007

January 4 - 80 Core CPU

Intel - 80 Cores!

The excitingly named ISSCC 2007 (The International Solid State Circuits Conference) looks like some very interesting things are scheduled for the conference this year. After ArsTechnica and CNET both reported some very interesting things were going on in the CPU world, I thought I'd check it out. Intel are due to give a talk about their 80 core prototype 'Terascale' processor this February at the conference.

IBM - Power 6

It also seems that IBM have some new announcements to make about their POWER6 project.

"The POWER6TM microprocessor combines ultra-high frequency operation, aggressive power reduction, a highly scalable memory subsystem, and mainframe-like reliability, availability, and serviceability. The 341mm2 700M transistor dual-core microprocessor is fabricated in a 65nm SOI process with 10 levels of low-k copper interconnect. It operates at clock frequencies over 5GHz in high-performance applications, and consumes under 100W in power-sensitive applications."

From that, we can tell that we're looking at something pretty impressive, but it's a pity that they didn't exactly tell us anything new. Just the same old info that we'd already heard.

AMD - Quad Core Opteron

AMD are set to make an announcement that will appeal massively to hardcore PC enthusiasts too. There infamously overclockable Opteron CPU is reported to get a quad core makeover. When overclocked, it will be very interesting to see how it pairs up against Intel's Core 2 offerings.

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