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Saturday, January 06, 2007

January 6 - Guest Bloggers & ChipIn

I'm proud to announce a new guest blogger, here at Techzi. It's a face that many of you from the wonderful world of programming may know. Either that or you've noticed he's been featured on Robert Scoble's blog multiple times.

Who am I talking about? Yuvi Panda of course! He's an Indian blogger, who's an amazing programmer. He's the world's youngest MSP, and is an exceptionally talented blogger. It's a privelidge to have him here with us. I'll let him introduce himself in a later post, but for now, I'd like to present my product review of ChipIn. It's been written for and is currently in moderation. Let me know what you guys think, okay? Here goes...


I just made $1000 in fifteen minutes using a startup that I’d never even heard of. I’m so glad that I stumbled across the little startup, because not only that, but it’s empowered me to do so much more. With the money, I’ve even managed to get my own domain name,! I was trialling ChipIn, in the hope that it would be suitable for a product review on Profy, and boy, it is. ChipIn is a very simple tool that lets you, the end user, collect large amounts of money for say, a ‘fund raising drive’. Just fill in the necessary information (e.g. PayPal e-mail/cheque information) and off you go!

Once you’re logged in for the first time, you’ll be presented with a page which ChipIn calls the ‘Dashboard’. The dashboard is the homepage for your ChipIn account, and lets you control everything to do with your account, from there directly.

You can create a new ChipIn project, update an existing one, claim your cash (if you chose to be paid via Cheque) and modify your existing settings. Whether it be your password, e-mail address, payment method, profile image or organization name (optional).

A second page, called My ChipIns, shows an analysis of all of your current ChipIn projects. For example, at the time of writing, the details that show up on this page for my fund above, include the percentage of my target donated, (29%), the name of my ChipIn, date the ChipIn is set to end (optional), amount raised, ($1,478), number of contributors (17) and quick links and options related to the ChipIn (Edit, end, view & update).

The third page, ‘My Widgets’, lets you quickly create a widget for any existing ChipIn project. Pick which fund you want proceeds to go to, a title, some information, which widget type you’d like to use, and a custom colour.

But how would I go about making a page then? Well, it’s really simple. Go back to your dashboard, accessible from the navigation tab at the top, and click the ‘Start A New ChipIn’ button. You’ll be required to input ‘What you are collecting for’, ‘The amount you’d like to raise’ (optional), ‘The date you need it by’ (optional) and how you’d like to collect funds. Choose PayPal or cheque from a dropdown box. Click the big orange button emblazoned ‘Start Your Event’, and off you go!

It’s as simple as that! And you never know if people may deem your cause blogworthy. I know from experience, that you can sincerely boost your donations if you do get a mention on a blog. By me on Profy.


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