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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

January 2 - KNEX Brightening Up A Bleak Winter

'The Anchor' the next best thing if you can't get yoruself a KNEX scale model of the 'Empire State Building'. Designed, named and created by Timothy Williams, our very own special reporter. I'll let him explain more. It's pretty impressive stuff!

Timmy enters the building.

Hello! I have entered the building! I would like to state that this structure has fallen many times and nobody has been harmed. This structure's main feature is the lighting at the top. It's a pity K'NEX haven't made a set which is completely lit. That would be the cooler than being 500 odd meters up in New York. At approximately 7ft 2" it is pretty towering. Perhaps we could make it taller? We'll just have to wait and see! PowerPoint Presentation coming soon

Using the fancy new KNEX lighting kits, I've busied myself this holiday building that impressive structure and random creatures, which have cool 'Glow In The Dark' sticks too. I got this from New York City while I was over there, and may I say, it rocks?

UPDATE!!!!: We have officially hit approximately 8ft 6"

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