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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

January 10 - Dell Go WoW Crazy?

Dell have done a rather nice little package here, hiring professional airbrush artist Mike Lavalee, and commissioning him to create two unique masterpieces. The two Dell XPS M1710 laptop's will bear WoW's two new race's the Blood Elves and the Drainei, handbrushed by none other than the Lavalee artist him self.

The money raised through the auctions, will go to benefit World Harvest, a humanitarian relief agency.

The WoW Burning Crusade Expansion pack launches on the 16th January. Stay tuned! It'll be interesting to see if one of these lappies sells for more than my house is worth.

Due to the nature of the auction, expect it to soar way into the high thousands, into the high hundred thousands if Dell get lucky. Afterall, what sells better than anything WoW related now a days? We're all obsessed.


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