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Saturday, January 13, 2007

January 13 - Dell Design

Above you can see the new Dell CES Concept design. via Engadget.

We've been left wondering these past few days. Did Dell fire the imaginative designer that brought us the 'Black Monitor 1', 'Black Monitor 2', and 'Black Monitor 3', after images of the beautifully designed and crafted Dell 2702WFP monitor, and then the new Dell CES Concept design emerged? Both portray exceptional quality of material, and design, and both look fitting to suit a modernized, unique environment. Until we get confirmation that the concept is actually going ahead though, we'll be left experiment with 2707WFP, seeing how far we can push it till it cracks.

Below, the Dell 2707WFP. via the Dell Store.

And that's about it... If you'd like to check out the afformentioned 'Black Box' range, check out the horrific designs on Google. A simple search should reveal the most shocking results. Check it. It's a CRT! =O

Image ironically hosted by Dell. And yes. I hotlinked. Thanks lads!


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