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Saturday, January 13, 2007

January 13 - Future Fridge

There's no denying that we've seen some wacky fridges in our time at Techzi. Fridges with 20" monitors in-built, fridges that stream your RSS feeds on demand, and fridges that really can't make their mind up whether they were born to be an in-kitchen entertainment system or not. Yanko (Hey! Sounds like a yoghurt brand!), claim that their new design will be the future.

"It is a fridge design, combining with a tree branch shape storage system and several single fridges, which tried to bring the memory of tree house in our childhood to the kitchen in daily life. One fridge has holes and pattern on the door as a fruit shelf. People can pick up a fruit from a tree. Another is like a bird house. Doors can slide away when a hand is placed in front of it. It's funny how one can draw out an egg from a bird's nest. There is also a special device designed at the foot of the door, when people step on it, a wheel with small motor will slide the door open."

Sourced from Wired.


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