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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

January 17 - Uber HDTV Prices

Just when you though that 1060P might be good enough, Westinghouse came out ans spoiled all the fun. Despite there being no 2160P Double-HD content available, the company is marketing the 52-inch monster at 'designers & professionals'. The $50,000 price tag kind of suggested that it wasn't marketed at everyday Joes. I'd be crashing the Techzi budget if I said I was going to buy and test one of these TVs, so I won't even get my hopes up.

That said, until some 2160P content gets released, I'm not really sure what use the TV would be, or how you could test it lives up to it's "Uber" branding. We all know how hyped Westinghouse got about their TVs, but according to Gadgetell, at CES, they barely got a mention. Weird, huh? Perhaps they thought people would prefer a 120-inch Full-HD TV that they can see the benefits on, rather than a 52-incher costing more, which has no current benefits.

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