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Thursday, January 18, 2007

January 18 - Microsoft eToilet

Microsoft have indeed, unveiled their very own eToilet. Full compatibility with the Zune is promised, and the toilet packs in a powerful array of additional smart loo features not usually found.

The in-built thermostat warms the normally cold toilet seat, a delay-mechanism prevents flushing while in the shower, and the toilet's composition gauge will make helpful, dietary suggestions, based on the makeup of the brown stuff that goes into it's basin, and for those of you that forget, the toilet automatically puts down the lid when you're finished.

Bill Gates, speaking at an invite-only party at CES in Las Vegas, said that "Americans spend an average of two weeks per year in the bathroom and as part of Microsoft's efforts to continue to make inroads in the home, we fully plan to capitalize on that time."

So what does he mean? He means a 21" touchscreen monitor infused into the toilet lid! The lid simply flips round, and viola! There you have it. Your own in-loo entertainment hub. No word yet on whether this thing runs Vista yet though. From what I can see, it's XP on the photo. Sourced from CrunchGear. By the way, I've got a hunch that this thing may be fake. ;)

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