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Thursday, January 18, 2007

January 18 - Microsoft's Take On The iPhone

Utter rubbish... I've been very pro-Microsoft lately, and am even going out my way to get myself Vista Ultimate edition, but this, is ridiculous. 'People won't buy the iPhone because it has no keyboard'. Steve Ballmer? Are you listening? Are you stupid!?!? Seriously... You will regret it when the iPhone becomes the best-selling phone in the world, and judging by the hype, the stats, and the people I know (Even those who don't have iPods! =O Shock horror!) are raving about the iPhone.

'Apple is selling zero phones a year.' Genius this guy... Think he's realized they've not launched yet? "He lies right out his own ass on numbers regarding the Zune, saying it has 25 percent of the high-end MP3 player market (over $250)." Too right... And Steve Ballmer, can you say to me with a straight face that you truly believe that you will ever overthrow the iPod? Please... People will buy the latest iPod, because it is the iPhone... People will buy the iPhone, because it rocks! Apple have the upperhand by far when it comes to design, and the best Microsoft can do, is give us photos of toilets... Sheesh!

In addition, Ballmer raves about how 'expensive' the iPhone is... Reckon he's seen the spec sheet? For what it does, it massively eclipses all the other current MS offerings by far, on the bang for buck ratio, the overall appeal, and the general snazzyness factor.

Heck... I'm still up for Vista thought. But keep the Zune out of it! My mobile devices all belong to Apple. The best thing about it from Bill Gates' point of view? He's still making several hundred dollars a second. Perhaps I should stop writing, and starting begging him... I know he's on my Skype list somewhere... Ah yes! Right above Colbert Low, and below Amit Agarwal. Sourced from CrunchGear.

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