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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

January 2 - Getting Creative

Lego. Ever so customizable, but with the next-gen Lego Mindstorms kit, 'customizable' just got a totally new defenition. Lego redefined. And so, why not make my first post for Gadgetell about it?

lego beer opener

Recently, Lego has been trying their very best to appeal to the geeky crowd, as we’ve seen with their fantastic Lego Mindstorms set. But it seems that some fans were unimpressed, and took matters into their own hands.

We’ve already seen the incredible feats that can be performed with the newest Mindstorms NXT packages, but did you know that you can open up a bottle of beer using these spiffy little packs? It seems so as in this video above, you can see the home-built Lego beer opener. The device is slightly larger than conventional openers, and is also a lot slower. But this kind of enthusiasm could give birth to a whole new generation of home-created Lego devices. What next? Let your imagination decide…

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