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Saturday, January 20, 2007

January 20 - Nike+

The Nike iPod Watch. It's been in the news a heck of a lot lately, and it seems that just a few minutes ago, iLounge got themselves some exclusive photos and details on the gadget.

Owners of non-Nano iPods (or those of you yet to get an iPod), will most likely be looking forward to the launch of Nike's Speed+ watch, which will, according to Gizmodo, "save you the trouble of buying another iPod". On top of the Speed+ watch, it has been reported that Nike has three other watches in the making, to go along nicely with their new range of gadgets.

The first one, Nike's so called Flight+, will have a release date of May 1st, and will retail for around $129. "The volume and track controls are built into a 'rocking bezel' around the Electroluminiscent backlit screen". The watch will be available in two colors, each able to "play back the Nike + iPod voice feedback".

The second device retails for $50, coming in at just $79. The lower-end 'bracelet', known as Amp+, has a simple in-built LED display, which can either show the current time, or the status control for your iPod. Some sources also cite that there is a possibilty that an iPod shuffle control pad will come included, allowing you to "adjust volume, playback, or call up the Nike Sport kit stuff". Also retails on May 1.

The third one, Aero+, appears to be an exact replica of Flight+, except it is modeled and coloured to appeal more to the male audience that Flight+ doesn't grab. Aero+ is alot less feminine looking, and comes in two colors also. Same launch date as the others, and like Flight+ is also set to retail for $129.

Excerpts taken from Gizmodo. Sourced from iLounge.

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