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Sunday, January 21, 2007

January 21 - iProducts

Photoshoppers... Get out your brushes. Nope. Apple haven't given a drop-bomb hint on a new product in the works, but 100Worth is inviting you to concept design what you believe the next Apple product might be. My personal favourite, somewhat reminding me of the other days fiasco, the iPottie. Or in the UK, should we call it the iPotty? International grammar... Mad stuff.

And of course, if Apple were to do a re-make of the original Rubix Cube, making it white and slamming on a few Apple logos would definitely sell a few million. Imagine the slogan... 10,000 different combinations. 9,996 ways to complete it. How fast can you do it? The Apple iCube. See sense in life. Ironic coughing attack over... But seriously, some of these designs are inspiring and thought provoking. Companies should throw competitions like this once in a while, offering cash prizes for the winner(s). Who knows? Maybe they'll become the next Apple? ;)

And before I go, the ingeniously named, iSmell. Click on all the pictures for bigger views.

Sourced from 1000worth. via Engadget.


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