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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

January 23 - Social Spamming

Social Spamming, as Timo Heuer, German Web 2.0 critique puts it. I'm strongly against Timo on this one. On his blog, he highlighted a conversation he'd had with 'X', a user of LinkedIn, who presumably asked to remain anonymous. Unless his real name is indeed X.

Upim: LinkedIn’s mission is to connect people and business partner and not to contact with someone you don’t really know…
X: It’s not spamming though. It’s part of a business model. And I am making an effort to get to know all these people.
And LinkedIn strives to connect people with similar areas of interest and create possible business ties.
Upim: Spamming is a business model?
X: It’s not spamming.
Upim: It is
X: It’s not
Upim: Of course it is
X: Another contact. =)
It’s not.
Read the LinkedIn homepage. They aim to connect people.
I’m not spamming. I’m making an effort to connect.
Upim: contacts are people you know… that’s my understanding of it
X: And I’m making contacts.
I’m making an effort to get to know these people.
I’m making an effort to add them in the first place.
I’m making the effort to connect.
Upim: I would delete your invitation as fast as possible ;)
X: Really? Isn’t the point of LinkedIn to connect people though?
Got another acceptance.
Maybe I’ll hit 200 before I go to bed. =D
Upim: Maybe it’s a addiction to collect contacts?
Web 3.0 = Web 2.0 + collections of contacts?"

Timo e-mailed me the full transcript, and truth be told, 'X' makes a far more compelling argument than Timo. In addition, recently I myself have done a bit of what Timo calls 'social spamming'. That said, it's really helped with a new top secret project I've undertaken. I'm dying to tell you what it is, and will make an official announcement in a later post.

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