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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

January 24 - Vaja Macbook

I've been eyeing up the Vaja Classic Jacket for MacBook's starting in sizes at 13" and going up to 17". They're looking really spiffy at the moment, and as and when I get myself a new MacBook, count me in with this swish looking leather case!

Using Vaja's own specially made fabric lining, the case protects against everyday bumps and scratches which are the usual side affects found with such sleek and portable cases. The Vaja logo, as usual, is inlaid with Sterling Silver 925, and optional graphical/text personalization can be requested, and will be laser cut to your standards. Why do I love Vaja? It's so you. You decide every aspect of your case, from the little tabs on the side, to the size of your inner pockets on the bags. To the type of Argentinian Leather hide used, and the colour combination requested, it seems Vaja do their best to cater for everyone's needs.

Click on the picture above to enlarge.

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