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Friday, January 26, 2007

January 26 - bLaugh Down

So it seems that bLaugh, the popular blogging cartoon, is currently down. DOOM ON YOU! But this seems to be something pretty major... All of the cartoons, are displaying in IE as 'little red Xs', which we all know means only one thing. Hosting problems, or the dreaded 'Server Maintenance' dudes! Well... This does suck. The latest comic out was the 'Modern Day Bully', which my daily e-mail from feedburner has pointed out. Else I wouldn't have realised... Check it! Doomed 'alt text', or in IE, a big, fat, red X! By the way, that's not a hot-link to bLaugh... All images there are down. 404 on the homepage too. Google cache is even having trouble rendering the site, because no external files 'exist'. It can't call images or style-sheets up as references, because they simply don't exist. bLaugh is gone... And we're hoping it's only temporary!

Modern Day Bully

Your heard it first at Techzi.

UPDATE: Over 90 minutes later, and still no news from Chris, or any one from the website. We'll let you know when we hear some buzz.

I woke up this morning to find the problem 'sorted' out. Glad that all that's been cleared up! Good going Chris, and according to MyBlogLog, you checked out my blog just last night. ;)

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