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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

January 30 - Vista Roundup

What a day! The launch of Vista, and I didn't even manage to push out a post! Well, besides this one. Anyhow, I can confirm that my Vista Ultimate copy will be arriving on the 12th of February. Please note that I've included a little snapshot above, because the bigger image is 1.1MB in size, and those of you (0.121%) who are using dial-up may not wish to see the whole thing. But click on it to see the full thing.

The 'Wow' starts now. In theory... But seriously, Vista is set to be a hit. I'm all for early-adopting it, and in my opinion, Vista will decide the future of Microsoft. I'm hoping to work more closely with the company in future. They still have a great time ahead of them, and us kids need to be educated better, how to use the software, tools and services provided by them in a more streamlined, effective, productive way. At the moment, the only thing the whole of my class knows how to do without fail, is 'Copy & Paste'. Even then, they have trouble rendering the text/images correctly in MS-Word because of some 'table' element in the layout. Shame on you! CSS helps us kids steal your content for homework better. ;) Nope... I'm good. I don't steal stuff.

Anyhow... Vista. Well, as I can't be bothered writing a post today (too tired!), I'll include a list articles below...

Engadget - Vista Roundup
TechTree - Multiple Launches
Huliq - Washington Gets $3.5 Billion from Vista!
MobileTechReview - Interesting Factsheet
BusinessWire - Vista Dell PCs

Anyhow, I've been a busy man with, and am proud to announce that we're very nearly ready! We have some bugs to iron out, we need to finish Wordpress Integration, Tag some 670 posts, set to point to the same place that is pointing to, and then we need to finish all of the individual pages on the site/blog/thingy.

Should be great! If I don't post for a few days, you know why. It'll be worth the wait!

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