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Monday, January 08, 2007

January 8 - SIXAXIS Emmy?

This will be a turn-around for the record books. But it's all fixed I tell you! All of it! But really... How can this be?

Sony's SIXAXIS controller, which caused quite a stir in the gaming world, not because of it's "sheer ingenious", but because it actually sucked, has gone and landed itself an Emmy for Technology and Engineering. Sure... It takes alot to stick a label on a PS2 controller and declare it next-gen, but what were they thinking?

I dunno, but it's obvious from the press coverage that Sony pulled some pretty big strings to land themselves this one. Perhaps the Press Release actually meant 'Wii Mote', not 'SIXAXIS', and 'Nintendo', not 'Sony'. It's a mistake easy enough to make... Apart from the fact one technology clearly sucks, whilst the other does not.

As a Wii-user, and having tried the SIXAXIS, I can tell you which one is more deserving of an Emmy, no doubt about it. It took my mate Chris over 16 hours to drag me off Wii Sports. This whole thing is whacked up. Will CES go the same way as E3? We hope not... But Engadget are sharing our view on this one.


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Anonymous Geoff said...

Like you say... majorly whacked up. What were they even thinking?

5:58 pm, January 09, 2007  
Blogger Timothy Williams said...

If you ask me, the PS3/PS2 Controller is different to a WiiMote. Firstly The PS3 Controller is a Controller and the WiiMote is a remote. In a way, I prefer the PS3 Controller as its a tried and tested design, which doesn't fall to bits or smash TV's ( :) :) :D )

6:26 pm, January 09, 2007  

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