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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Techzi Fundraiser

Perhaps we're being overly-optimistic, we don't know. But here at Techzi, we've gone on a fund-raiser drive, to help us to launch the brand-new website that I was promising! You can check out the fundraiser page at ChipIn for more information, and to donate.

Here's some basic information you need to know before you donate...

My name is David Wilkinson, and I'm founder of tech news website, Techzi. The blog is great, and I've got my two friends, Timothy and Caitlin helping me out with it at the moment.

But truth be told, Blogger sucks at the moment. At Techzi, we're looking to buy a server and get our very own domain name, so we can run Wordpress, the spiffy blog tool that is rocking this planet. To do this, we need your help.

Being 12, it'd be hard for me to earn enough money to buy a decent server. Caitlin, also 12, wouldn't stand a chance either. And 11 year old Timmy has only about enough for a packet of fruit pastels. Hence, we run into a big fat problem.

Will you rise to the challenge and donate? Why would you want to?

Well, on the new site, a special page will be created, on which, each and every one of you donators will have your name listed, and if you wish, a link to your website.

Whether you donate $0.01 or $1000, you'll get a link back. The more you donate, the higher up on the page you'll be listed.

The link will stay there for all of eternity... (aka. the whole time the site is up!)

What will the money go to? For starters, monthly hosting fees and a domain name. A small portion will go into ironing out the cracks in our new layout, something which is completely different from the current, tacky layout.

Timothy has seen a bit of it, and he was very impressed, 'Just like a professional blog now are we?' was his first impression.

The amount needed is larger than most of you have claimed, and yes. It is. But it will pay for quite a long time hosting, I think you'll agree.

Either that, or we'll buy our own server with the money raised and host it from home. My parents best not mind the electricity bills though! MUHAHAHA!

Anyhow, if you feel like donating, go right ahead!

The drive ends on the 24th of July. The blog's first birthday!

UPDATE: It's not been long running yet, but I've already received my first donation! $7 from Sunil Varma, of! Nice going!

UPDATE: My good friend and fellow Blogger, Colbert Low has joined in too, with a generous donation of $10! The current total stands at $17!

UPDATE: Pooey. Gmail is down. Hopefully not for long! I'll find out if any more of you have kicked the new year off with a bang. In the mean-time, things are looking good!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice to see you Young Bucks mixing it up with us Older Bucks. Keep it up. You guys might want to head on over to and check out some of the tuts on Wordpress. You may not even need to buy your own server; just go with one that they suggest. Either way, you'll learn some tips and tricks to get you rollin'.

My two cents.
Rock on

12:26 am, January 04, 2007  
Blogger 주성치 said...

Good luck! ^_^

5:36 am, January 04, 2007  
Blogger Tac Blog said...

Good luck on your fundraiser. It's amazing to ses what a 12 year old is doing. You have a bright future ahead!

Steve Renner
Marketing Director
The Affiliate Community
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Training and Resources (FREE!)

4:49 pm, January 05, 2007  
Blogger Tac Blog said...

Good Luck on your Fundraiser. It's amazing to see what a 12 year old is doing. You have a bright future ahead of you.

Steve Renner
Marketing Director
The Affiliate Community
Get $1,000 in Internet Marketing Training and Resources (FREE!)

4:51 pm, January 05, 2007  

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