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Saturday, February 03, 2007

February 3 - Great news!

After my very sarcastic 'Great day!' post earlier, it turns out that actually, today has been great! With the help of 22-year old entrepreneur, Nate Whitehill, I now have my own Media Temple hosting, courtesy of InfinFX! Wordpress has now been set-up there fully, and you can see the test page anywhere at! Now just the Wordpress/Layout/PHP integration to go!

Heck... Today has rocked! Thanks for making it all happen Nate. I seriously owe you a big one. Put it there man! He stayed up till 3:50 AM last night helping me! Not to mention the fact that he got back up again six hours later! Customer satisfaction? I'll give him an 11 (That's out of 10)!

Looking to setup a website? Looking to get hosting? Want a new layout? Want a fully customizes Wordpress theme? Nate's the man!

He also showed me this rather amusing cake too... Very nice. Apple lawyers, you on standby?

I present to you, the Apple iPhlake! (Sorry for the chocolatey pun... Ya' know. Cadbury flakes? Gee... Nevermind. iPhone, iCake, so iPhlake? Oh forget it...) Bet it was strawberry jam sponge though... They don't do all that much Apple jam round my way. ;)

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