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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

January 31 - Vaja Caddie

Here it is... I'm breaking the silence at last. I can officially reveal that Vaja, are about to launch a new range of cases! The 'Caddie' series, is great all round, not only for teeing off on the golf course. Like usual, Vaja are using the finest Argentinian leather, hand chosen for it's great finish, and natural aroma. I have it from an insider, that the product page will read as follows...

"Carry your gadget in style. The Caddie collection delivers an unique look and full access to main functions while keeping your device secure. Available only for Motorola Razr V3 & V3i, Palm Treo 700 series and iPod video 30, 60 & 80GB, this collection also includes a very stylish Caddie Leather Bag. Customize your own Caddie model by choosing among several leather colors and embossing your name or logo in the backside. Fully personalizable and made from exquisite high quality Argentine leather."

With any luck, these beauties will be in stock in the Vaja store within a month or so.

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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

January 30 - Vista Roundup

What a day! The launch of Vista, and I didn't even manage to push out a post! Well, besides this one. Anyhow, I can confirm that my Vista Ultimate copy will be arriving on the 12th of February. Please note that I've included a little snapshot above, because the bigger image is 1.1MB in size, and those of you (0.121%) who are using dial-up may not wish to see the whole thing. But click on it to see the full thing.

The 'Wow' starts now. In theory... But seriously, Vista is set to be a hit. I'm all for early-adopting it, and in my opinion, Vista will decide the future of Microsoft. I'm hoping to work more closely with the company in future. They still have a great time ahead of them, and us kids need to be educated better, how to use the software, tools and services provided by them in a more streamlined, effective, productive way. At the moment, the only thing the whole of my class knows how to do without fail, is 'Copy & Paste'. Even then, they have trouble rendering the text/images correctly in MS-Word because of some 'table' element in the layout. Shame on you! CSS helps us kids steal your content for homework better. ;) Nope... I'm good. I don't steal stuff.

Anyhow... Vista. Well, as I can't be bothered writing a post today (too tired!), I'll include a list articles below...

Engadget - Vista Roundup
TechTree - Multiple Launches
Huliq - Washington Gets $3.5 Billion from Vista!
MobileTechReview - Interesting Factsheet
BusinessWire - Vista Dell PCs

Anyhow, I've been a busy man with, and am proud to announce that we're very nearly ready! We have some bugs to iron out, we need to finish Wordpress Integration, Tag some 670 posts, set to point to the same place that is pointing to, and then we need to finish all of the individual pages on the site/blog/thingy.

Should be great! If I don't post for a few days, you know why. It'll be worth the wait!

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Monday, January 29, 2007

January 29 - £9 DVD Player

When major supermarket chains go and launch £9 DVD Players, you know that the industry has moved on... And so it has. ASDA, UK-based retailer, are offering the new 'uber cheap player' to anyone and everyone.

"Asda, which is part of the American Wal-mart empire, has launched a major move into home electricals, as have Tesco and Sainsbury's. Around 80,000 of the Durabrand 1005 machines will hit the supermarket's stores. The development is indicative of savage price cuts on gadgets, where prices are now so low that they can be thrown away and replaced." via ThisIsLondon.

I must admit, I had no idea Wal-Mart owned ASDA... I must have missed something major there! O_o

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January 29 - MySpace Revamp

In this picture, you can see an enthusiastic DevianArtist got their hands stuck in and dirty, creating their own, Web 2.0 styled MySpace homepage. It looks brilliant!

Just click for the full-size version. How snazzy is that?

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January 29 - History Of Tetris

Thrilling, I know... Here is an hour long History Of Tetris! I must admit, I've not had the chance or the time to watch it all, but the first half looks interesting...

I must admit, I had no idea...

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January 29 - Hammond Crash Footage

We brought you the great video of a hamster re-enacting Hammond's crash a few months back, but this time, it's the real deal.

And that was Richard Hammond! Yeah, that was amazing! But truth be told, it wasn't half the 'bang' I'd expected. Still, he's one lucky guy!

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Sunday, January 28, 2007

January 28 - Mac 2006 Adverts

A quick roundup of the 6 Apple 2006 PC vs Mac adverts. Even if you're a PC fan, it's hard to resist liking these adverts.

Speaking of PCs, I'm getting a new one for my Birthday. Nvidia GeForce 8800GTS, 2GB RAM, Intel Core 2 Due E6600, Windows Vista Ultimate Edition, Office 2007, and a whole lot more... Weighs in at $3500!

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January 27 - Web Developers

Sorry about no posts yesterday... Something major happened, which quite frankly distracted me from everything else. I'm still a little shocked about it, and my heart goes out to the family involved.

Anyhow, it seems bLaugh have the right end of the stick on this one...

No Need to be Concerned, Little Fly

Who else has arachnophobia?

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Friday, January 26, 2007

January 26 - HDR Photography

In an ever advancing technological world, one of the new things that has started to become very popular in the wonderful world of photography lately, is HDR. There's a great tutorial over at SIC. Pity the skilled photographer has never heard of Klingons though... Perhaps it's not all that popular over in Bangkok.

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January 26 - bLaugh Down

So it seems that bLaugh, the popular blogging cartoon, is currently down. DOOM ON YOU! But this seems to be something pretty major... All of the cartoons, are displaying in IE as 'little red Xs', which we all know means only one thing. Hosting problems, or the dreaded 'Server Maintenance' dudes! Well... This does suck. The latest comic out was the 'Modern Day Bully', which my daily e-mail from feedburner has pointed out. Else I wouldn't have realised... Check it! Doomed 'alt text', or in IE, a big, fat, red X! By the way, that's not a hot-link to bLaugh... All images there are down. 404 on the homepage too. Google cache is even having trouble rendering the site, because no external files 'exist'. It can't call images or style-sheets up as references, because they simply don't exist. bLaugh is gone... And we're hoping it's only temporary!

Modern Day Bully

Your heard it first at Techzi.

UPDATE: Over 90 minutes later, and still no news from Chris, or any one from the website. We'll let you know when we hear some buzz.

I woke up this morning to find the problem 'sorted' out. Glad that all that's been cleared up! Good going Chris, and according to MyBlogLog, you checked out my blog just last night. ;)

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Thursday, January 25, 2007

January 25 - Future ID

Could this seriously be the future? Will we all be talking about ID in the future, as in a well established LinkedIn account?

Identify Yourself

But seriously... LinkedIn would be more useful. Who cares if MySpace has a trillion users... It's not hald as practical as Xing, and other business related opportunities out there.

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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

January 24 - Vaja Macbook

I've been eyeing up the Vaja Classic Jacket for MacBook's starting in sizes at 13" and going up to 17". They're looking really spiffy at the moment, and as and when I get myself a new MacBook, count me in with this swish looking leather case!

Using Vaja's own specially made fabric lining, the case protects against everyday bumps and scratches which are the usual side affects found with such sleek and portable cases. The Vaja logo, as usual, is inlaid with Sterling Silver 925, and optional graphical/text personalization can be requested, and will be laser cut to your standards. Why do I love Vaja? It's so you. You decide every aspect of your case, from the little tabs on the side, to the size of your inner pockets on the bags. To the type of Argentinian Leather hide used, and the colour combination requested, it seems Vaja do their best to cater for everyone's needs.

Click on the picture above to enlarge.

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January 24 - 1080P

Another classic from bLaugh. Seriously, this content rocks! They have more ideas than a forest faerie canoing. That doesn't actually make any sense what so ever though. aka, They seem to have more ideas than me.

Doing The 1080p

Nobody said anything about Forest Faeries...

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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

January 23 - Startup

These past two or three days, I've not had much time for Techzi admittedly. What started off as a wild idea, has really impacted on me, and now I'm taking it as seriously as Techzi. This idea is big. This startup is big. This will be big. If any of you in the magazine/newspaper/printing/publishing industry are interested, let me know who you are, and where you work.

I'm teaming up with some of the biggest names in Blogging for this one. They're attacking my ideas and contributing themselves, and at the moment, it looks great.

By the way, I should really credit Tony Hung for the b5media logo. Don't be getting any ideas from it yet either... Nothing official has been said yet. Kinda... ;)

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January 23 - Social Spamming

Social Spamming, as Timo Heuer, German Web 2.0 critique puts it. I'm strongly against Timo on this one. On his blog, he highlighted a conversation he'd had with 'X', a user of LinkedIn, who presumably asked to remain anonymous. Unless his real name is indeed X.

Upim: LinkedIn’s mission is to connect people and business partner and not to contact with someone you don’t really know…
X: It’s not spamming though. It’s part of a business model. And I am making an effort to get to know all these people.
And LinkedIn strives to connect people with similar areas of interest and create possible business ties.
Upim: Spamming is a business model?
X: It’s not spamming.
Upim: It is
X: It’s not
Upim: Of course it is
X: Another contact. =)
It’s not.
Read the LinkedIn homepage. They aim to connect people.
I’m not spamming. I’m making an effort to connect.
Upim: contacts are people you know… that’s my understanding of it
X: And I’m making contacts.
I’m making an effort to get to know these people.
I’m making an effort to add them in the first place.
I’m making the effort to connect.
Upim: I would delete your invitation as fast as possible ;)
X: Really? Isn’t the point of LinkedIn to connect people though?
Got another acceptance.
Maybe I’ll hit 200 before I go to bed. =D
Upim: Maybe it’s a addiction to collect contacts?
Web 3.0 = Web 2.0 + collections of contacts?"

Timo e-mailed me the full transcript, and truth be told, 'X' makes a far more compelling argument than Timo. In addition, recently I myself have done a bit of what Timo calls 'social spamming'. That said, it's really helped with a new top secret project I've undertaken. I'm dying to tell you what it is, and will make an official announcement in a later post.

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Monday, January 22, 2007

January 22 - Mac Beautiful

She's got it all right... And it seems she's a rather popular YouTube actress... She hit you screens with the massively popular 'Lonely Girl 15 Audtion' you see below, and with 'Peephole', also below.

And the you have it... A girl with way to much time on her hands.

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Sunday, January 21, 2007

January 21 - iProducts

Photoshoppers... Get out your brushes. Nope. Apple haven't given a drop-bomb hint on a new product in the works, but 100Worth is inviting you to concept design what you believe the next Apple product might be. My personal favourite, somewhat reminding me of the other days fiasco, the iPottie. Or in the UK, should we call it the iPotty? International grammar... Mad stuff.

And of course, if Apple were to do a re-make of the original Rubix Cube, making it white and slamming on a few Apple logos would definitely sell a few million. Imagine the slogan... 10,000 different combinations. 9,996 ways to complete it. How fast can you do it? The Apple iCube. See sense in life. Ironic coughing attack over... But seriously, some of these designs are inspiring and thought provoking. Companies should throw competitions like this once in a while, offering cash prizes for the winner(s). Who knows? Maybe they'll become the next Apple? ;)

And before I go, the ingeniously named, iSmell. Click on all the pictures for bigger views.

Sourced from 1000worth. via Engadget.


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January 21 - Official New iPhone Features

Today, in an official Apple press release, it was announced that the iPhone is to incorporate some spiffy new features. I won't rant and rave like usual, but I'll let you check it yourself.

My favourite comment on YouTube? "This looks like a spoof to me" and another comment by someone either trying to be funny, or is just plain stupid. In it, they were discussing all of the features, and then asked why Apple said it was hard to use as a phone.

Some people these days! Good grief. When I were a lad...

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Saturday, January 20, 2007

January 20 - ZCubes Post

Yesterday, I promised you I'd post a bit of the article I wrote at


ZCubes . Something I covered a while back very briefly. When covering it, I'd only gotten a feel for just a few of the portal's many features, and Parag Marthur, the company's VP of Product Management, invited myself and Svetlana Gladkova to join them, and find out more about the advanced features that ZCubes incorporates.

Currently, ZCubes full features are only available to those of you using Internet Explorer, and I know for a fact, that if Profy's readers are anything like my own, then most of you will be using Firefox. Well worry no more! When talking with Parag, it was revealed that Firefox will be fully supported sometime soon! We were told to expect it 'within a month' or so, and with any luck, we'll be able to report on it right here at Profy.

“Imagine a net with n dimensions. Web N.0 - Not just 1, 2 or 3. But n. Yes, that includes time. It is possible. It is clear that the face of the Internet is quite static, with minor dynamics introduced by primitive technologies like AJAX. Truly flexible Internet is created when you enter n dimensions of bit matter, organized by the whims and fancies of the user - not the creator.” Last time I looked at the startup, I loved the slogan, and still do. But having witnessed the raw power that ZCubes holds, with practicality, functionality, speed and design, I can now say, that I am a true believer. As, I suspect, is Svetlana, as she told me in a Skype chat that she guessed she will be "a fan of ZCubes" too!

So what got me so hyped in the 30-minute interview that has changed my mind so much? Various things, which when doing my initial review of ZCubes, weren't available, and I wasn't aware of. For example, using Google or Yahoo Image search, you can drag and drop pictures right into your ZCubes home page, just like you can with a real desktop! Except that with ZCubes, you can edit the image directly. You can apply effects, and add filters, such as 'Engrave', which applies a stone-like effect, reminiscent of Photoshop's distortion filters. You can also drag and drop videos from Google Search, YouTube, and many other online media websites.

We were also shown, how the ZCubes browser pane is synchronized to work flawlessly with the YubNub service. For example, if you wanted to directly search for a book on Web 2.0, you'd type in the ZCubes search box, 'am web2.0 book", and instantly, the Amazon Search results will be streamed into your window.

Infact, so much was discussed at the conference, it would literally take me hours to type it all up, and look at all of the features in-depth, so instead, I'll pick perhaps my favourite things. Fill Paterns. So what are these 'fill paterns'? Well, I'll do better than explain all about it, I'll even show you! This Fill Pattern has been used to fill in the inside of a shape. I've used the 3D Drawing tool to write the 'Profy' & 'Web 2.0' bits, but the shape was created by ZCubes, by simply entering the URL of the image into the side panel.

Profy Love Web 2.0

And there you have it. Only part of the ZCubes review, with more coming soon. Sourced from Profy, written by me.

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January 20 - Gameboy iPod

It seems like these photos have been around for years, but only now, have any of the big blogs got wind of this! Engadget are reporting on what they claim is 'quite possibly the most badass iPod case ever'.

Of course, we've seen Gameboy Emulators for the iPod and such before, but never actually an entirely styled iPod mod. Check all of the spiffy
photos at Flickr!
via Engadget.

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January 20 - Leopard Announcement

Just after the blogosphere has recovered from the plethora of hype concerning the Macworld 2007 release of the iPhone, some credible sources are suggesting that Apple is planning an event this coming February in which some exciting new details and information on the Leopard OS development will be released. Stay tuned... I've got a feeling something big is coming. Okay, perhaps not half as big as the jazz concerning the iPhone, but any new major OS launch has to be big, right?

via Gizmodo. Sourced from T3. Screenshot via Apple.


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January 20 - Conduct Collaboration

Microsoft, Google, Yahoo & Vodafone. Not often of such big, and competing companies collaborating on such a major project as this. But it seems that the companies have teamed together, in the hope of creating a 'Code Of Conduct'.

"Technology companies have come under fire for providing equipment or software that permits governments to censor information or monitor the online or offline activities of their citizens. For example, last year, Google's approach to the China market was criticized over its creation of a censored, local version of its search engine. A Yahoo subsidiary was cited by human rights groups for working with Chinese police to identify political activists, who were ultimately arrested and prosecuted for posting anti-government opinions and information online. The parties involved said that they would develop a framework that would hold signatories accountable for their actions in the areas of freedom of expression and privacy rights." [PCW]

Amongst the four afformentioned companies, a large froup of organizations will also be chiming in with their thoughts, opinions and ideas. The Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard Law School; Business for Social Responsibility; Electronic Frontier Foundation; Human Rights Watch; and Reporters Without Borders are just a few currently known to be participating.

via Engadget. Sourced from PCW.

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January 20 - Nike+

The Nike iPod Watch. It's been in the news a heck of a lot lately, and it seems that just a few minutes ago, iLounge got themselves some exclusive photos and details on the gadget.

Owners of non-Nano iPods (or those of you yet to get an iPod), will most likely be looking forward to the launch of Nike's Speed+ watch, which will, according to Gizmodo, "save you the trouble of buying another iPod". On top of the Speed+ watch, it has been reported that Nike has three other watches in the making, to go along nicely with their new range of gadgets.

The first one, Nike's so called Flight+, will have a release date of May 1st, and will retail for around $129. "The volume and track controls are built into a 'rocking bezel' around the Electroluminiscent backlit screen". The watch will be available in two colors, each able to "play back the Nike + iPod voice feedback".

The second device retails for $50, coming in at just $79. The lower-end 'bracelet', known as Amp+, has a simple in-built LED display, which can either show the current time, or the status control for your iPod. Some sources also cite that there is a possibilty that an iPod shuffle control pad will come included, allowing you to "adjust volume, playback, or call up the Nike Sport kit stuff". Also retails on May 1.

The third one, Aero+, appears to be an exact replica of Flight+, except it is modeled and coloured to appeal more to the male audience that Flight+ doesn't grab. Aero+ is alot less feminine looking, and comes in two colors also. Same launch date as the others, and like Flight+ is also set to retail for $129.

Excerpts taken from Gizmodo. Sourced from iLounge.

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Friday, January 19, 2007

January 19 - ZCubes

My sincere apologies for not posting today, I've been very busy, writing an in-depth report on ZCubes. I attended an online conference today with the VP of Product Management there, and had lots to write about. Expect a fat juicy post tomorrow! Hope you can wait that long anyhow. =)

David signing out for tonight. I'm off to watch Battestart Galactica. I recorded last Tuesdays.

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Thursday, January 18, 2007

January 18 - Get A Mac Webcams

A great new Apple advert. I wish they'd elaborated more on all the different features though. I really have to go and get myself a MacBook Pro now... That said, Vista isn't all that bad. Infact, with readyboost, it's great! But Macs are still more user friendly.

And while I'm here, here's an old-time favourite.

They really have a talented team at Mac. Kudos to you! Pity that the same can't be said about Microsoft... O_o Or maybe that's just Ballmer.


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January 18 - Microsoft's Take On The iPhone

Utter rubbish... I've been very pro-Microsoft lately, and am even going out my way to get myself Vista Ultimate edition, but this, is ridiculous. 'People won't buy the iPhone because it has no keyboard'. Steve Ballmer? Are you listening? Are you stupid!?!? Seriously... You will regret it when the iPhone becomes the best-selling phone in the world, and judging by the hype, the stats, and the people I know (Even those who don't have iPods! =O Shock horror!) are raving about the iPhone.

'Apple is selling zero phones a year.' Genius this guy... Think he's realized they've not launched yet? "He lies right out his own ass on numbers regarding the Zune, saying it has 25 percent of the high-end MP3 player market (over $250)." Too right... And Steve Ballmer, can you say to me with a straight face that you truly believe that you will ever overthrow the iPod? Please... People will buy the latest iPod, because it is the iPhone... People will buy the iPhone, because it rocks! Apple have the upperhand by far when it comes to design, and the best Microsoft can do, is give us photos of toilets... Sheesh!

In addition, Ballmer raves about how 'expensive' the iPhone is... Reckon he's seen the spec sheet? For what it does, it massively eclipses all the other current MS offerings by far, on the bang for buck ratio, the overall appeal, and the general snazzyness factor.

Heck... I'm still up for Vista thought. But keep the Zune out of it! My mobile devices all belong to Apple. The best thing about it from Bill Gates' point of view? He's still making several hundred dollars a second. Perhaps I should stop writing, and starting begging him... I know he's on my Skype list somewhere... Ah yes! Right above Colbert Low, and below Amit Agarwal. Sourced from CrunchGear.

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January 18 - Microsoft eToilet

Microsoft have indeed, unveiled their very own eToilet. Full compatibility with the Zune is promised, and the toilet packs in a powerful array of additional smart loo features not usually found.

The in-built thermostat warms the normally cold toilet seat, a delay-mechanism prevents flushing while in the shower, and the toilet's composition gauge will make helpful, dietary suggestions, based on the makeup of the brown stuff that goes into it's basin, and for those of you that forget, the toilet automatically puts down the lid when you're finished.

Bill Gates, speaking at an invite-only party at CES in Las Vegas, said that "Americans spend an average of two weeks per year in the bathroom and as part of Microsoft's efforts to continue to make inroads in the home, we fully plan to capitalize on that time."

So what does he mean? He means a 21" touchscreen monitor infused into the toilet lid! The lid simply flips round, and viola! There you have it. Your own in-loo entertainment hub. No word yet on whether this thing runs Vista yet though. From what I can see, it's XP on the photo. Sourced from CrunchGear. By the way, I've got a hunch that this thing may be fake. ;)

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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

January 17 - Uber HDTV Prices

Just when you though that 1060P might be good enough, Westinghouse came out ans spoiled all the fun. Despite there being no 2160P Double-HD content available, the company is marketing the 52-inch monster at 'designers & professionals'. The $50,000 price tag kind of suggested that it wasn't marketed at everyday Joes. I'd be crashing the Techzi budget if I said I was going to buy and test one of these TVs, so I won't even get my hopes up.

That said, until some 2160P content gets released, I'm not really sure what use the TV would be, or how you could test it lives up to it's "Uber" branding. We all know how hyped Westinghouse got about their TVs, but according to Gadgetell, at CES, they barely got a mention. Weird, huh? Perhaps they thought people would prefer a 120-inch Full-HD TV that they can see the benefits on, rather than a 52-incher costing more, which has no current benefits.

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January 17 - Timothy Williams Banned!

Last night, once I'd left my PC to do homework, 11-year old blogger, Timothy Williams, wrote a post on Techzi, asking for money. He stated that he wanted to 'get rich quick' and was hoping that you guys would willing to give him money.

At Techzi, we have a moderation system. Our writers make posts, then save them as drafts, for me to moderate and post if I see fit. Unless there is some really hot news which one of our writers think is a 'must-post-now' article, then it should be saved as a draft.

Not what Timothy did! Without my knowledge or consent, he wrote the post, asking for money from you guys, and to me, from what he'd written, it sounded like I was endorsing it. I assure you that neither myself, Techzi, or any of the other guys here were affiliated with that whatsoever. Timothy's post, and account have been deleted. Whether this will be a temporary measure, it remains to be seen, but once we move to Wordpress, I have decided that ALL posts will be moderated to avoid any incidents like this.

I hope the few thousand of you who visited Techzi last night weren't put off by this, and we apologize profusely. Timothy abused our trust, my trust, and attempted to gain financially from it. He knew the rules... He broke them.

I'm waiting for him to come back online now to see if we can sort something out. That said, I have to admit I'm rather worried about both my blog's reputation with you guys, and what lasting effects it will have. I'm not sure if any of you guys donated to Timothy or not, as I deleted the post from school, where I noticed it, and where flash wasn't installed. Sorry about all this!

On a side note, Timothy succesfully dropped our main feed subscribers by 21 in less than 10 hours. Congratulations man... You've done me proud.

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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

January 16 - Gates Flamer

I dare say that message containing the words 'Apple' and 'Linux' are marked as spam amongst the 620,000 other odd messages he receives every day. Dilbert doesn't care though, and manages to make a very funny scene out of it. But seriously guys... I think Bill Gates is better than he seems.

In other news, Robert Scoble said this about me... '
You write extremely well for a 12-year-old. I was reading your blog and not realizing your age. My son just turned 13 and he doesn’t write this well.' Cool, huh? That said, I turn 13 this coming February. Anyone got any suggestions on what I could ask for? Anyone feel like giving me anything? ;) Feel free to drop me an e-mail at David [at] Techzi [dot] net

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January 16 - USB Batteries

It was ages ago that I showed you the USB Rechargable batteries. Now finally, ThinkGeek have them in stock! Yay for USB batteries! From the product page:

"Rechargeable batteries are great! They power all our favorite gadgets. Without them, we'd be tossing all these alkaline batteries and their caustic chemicals back into the environment, and that's a recipe for bad times.

The problem with rechargeables is the myriad plugs, ports, sockets and bays you need to have around to keep them filled with electrons. Oh, the battery's dead, but where's that dang recharger? Sound familiar? Then, one day, an enterprising geek built the charger into the battery. Not just any charger, mind you. They used a standard USB port built right into the battery.

Now, when your batteries are flatlining, pop the cap, and jam 'em into your nearest ubiquitous USB port. Whether it's on your computer, laptop, monitor or powered USB hub, all you need is 250mA of juice from your universal serial bus, and a little patience. In just a few hours, you'll have 1300mAH of power!"

So as you can see, very good stuff. Head on over and check them out yourselves!

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Sunday, January 14, 2007

January 14 - Spiffy Cars

Two little tid-bits of car-related geek news. For those of you who have the money, Toshiba have released their concept 'Bat Mobile' car, that is apparently one of the most eco-friendly cars ever designed. "The eco-friendly prototype has a modular polycarbonate body, which allows you to change the look of the car according to your fancy. Top-it-all, the chassis of the car is also recyclable." The Honda Extreme is a dual-cockpit design that looks set to take the world by storm. Check it out!

And it seems there will be no Aston Martin for Bond in his next film. A Bond Fan Site, has it direct, that instead, Bond will be driving the equally as classy Jaguar XF. Sweet stuff! Sourced from BornRich.

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January 14 - Top 20 Domains Of 2006

Technically, I did write this article, but I wrote it for Here goes anyway. I found it an interesting one, so I do hope it's relevant/enjoyable.

Read/Write Web just published a very interesting article, on the top domain names of 2006. It was interesting to see who made it into the list, and the incredible amounts they sold for. In actual selling value, in first place came, fetching $1.5million! Second place, came, &, with just a third of that $1.5million, each of these domains still cashed in for a whopping $500,000!

But this makes me wonder... What makes a domain name worth it's chips? Is it something easy to remember, that sticks in people's minds? Is a single word, which people may randomly type in, in the hope of finding something relevant to the word? Is it something short, or is it something with a meaning?

In the test, the Domain Name Values Weekly site quizzed thirty experts, on the subject of the buying and selling domain names, and asked them to find out the Top 20 Domain Transactions of 2006. According to Read/Write Web, the main criteria "wasn't most money paid, but best long-term value (4+ years)". So here are the results.

1. (8) - $50,000 [Product Red's Domain Name]

2. (4) - $18,510

3. (5) - $300,000

4. (2) - $46,392

5. (2) - $13,000

6. (0) - $100,000

7. (0) - $277,750

8. (1) - $500,000

9. (0) - $27,000

10. (0) - $454,500

11. (2) - $225,000

12. (1) - $1,500,000

13. (1) - $120,000

14. (0) - $70,000

15. (1) - $500,000

16. (0) - $20,000

17. (2) - $200,000

18. (0) - $75,000

19. (1) - $107,000

20. (0) - $500,000

If you're wondering what the numbers in the brackets represent, it's the number of first place votes that the panel of experts gave each individual domain name. Of course, some of the commenters at R/WW have pointed out that the list isn't actually correct. Apparently, sold for a humoungous $3million along with, who also sold for $3million. ' also has great potential. I heard that sold for something like $200k - $500k'.

It just to show, that even after the .com bubble burst, there's still room for snazzy names in Web 2.0. That said, most Web 2.0 websites pick a simple word 'Tech' for example, and add on a few random letters, 'zi'. Which is exactly what I did, and Techzi was born. The bubble may have burst, but domains aren't going to stop trading hands any time soon. Written by David Wilkinson for

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Saturday, January 13, 2007

January 13 - iPhone Shuffle

We proudly present to you, the non-existent iPhone Shuffle! Thanks Gizmodo. And no... It seems that the fake photoshops have not stopped. Ah well. We can live in hope. But now we need a new Apple product to speculate, make fakes of, and create hype around the rumour mill. Anyone got any ideas?

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January 13 - Readyboost Optimized USB

A Windows Vista Readboost Optimized USB drive? Count us in. There's un-deniable evidence that the technology works, and is worth it's chips, so anything that can enhance it further is definitely on my must have list.

That said, I'm hoping that a rig with an Intel Core 2 CPU, a Nvidia 8800 GPU and 2GB of high-frequency DDR2 RAM
will hold up Vista nicely anyhow. If not, for $99, I can pick myself up an optimized drive myself. But if I was going to a LAN party, there's another USB drive tailor made for me, and oh! Look! A 16GB drive too. Sweet stuff! Sourced from Gadgetell.

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January 13 - Yellow Submarine

Not that I'm a fan of listening to music in the bath, but the new Submarine Radio from I Want One Of Those looks set to become a big hit worldwide. Now you can listen to classics such as 'The Sardines', and 'Yellow Submarine' (Quite literally!), in style! That said, the last 'bath radio' I purchased, decided it would conk out when I flipped it upside down and forced it under water. They advertised it as 'splash resistant'. Hmph! No matter. Coming from a reputable re-seller like IWOOT, means you can buy in confidence. *AHEM!* The Sub runs off two Triple-A (AAA) batteries. Sourced from OhGizmo!


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January 13 - Future Fridge

There's no denying that we've seen some wacky fridges in our time at Techzi. Fridges with 20" monitors in-built, fridges that stream your RSS feeds on demand, and fridges that really can't make their mind up whether they were born to be an in-kitchen entertainment system or not. Yanko (Hey! Sounds like a yoghurt brand!), claim that their new design will be the future.

"It is a fridge design, combining with a tree branch shape storage system and several single fridges, which tried to bring the memory of tree house in our childhood to the kitchen in daily life. One fridge has holes and pattern on the door as a fruit shelf. People can pick up a fruit from a tree. Another is like a bird house. Doors can slide away when a hand is placed in front of it. It's funny how one can draw out an egg from a bird's nest. There is also a special device designed at the foot of the door, when people step on it, a wheel with small motor will slide the door open."

Sourced from Wired.


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January 13 - Dell Design

Above you can see the new Dell CES Concept design. via Engadget.

We've been left wondering these past few days. Did Dell fire the imaginative designer that brought us the 'Black Monitor 1', 'Black Monitor 2', and 'Black Monitor 3', after images of the beautifully designed and crafted Dell 2702WFP monitor, and then the new Dell CES Concept design emerged? Both portray exceptional quality of material, and design, and both look fitting to suit a modernized, unique environment. Until we get confirmation that the concept is actually going ahead though, we'll be left experiment with 2707WFP, seeing how far we can push it till it cracks.

Below, the Dell 2707WFP. via the Dell Store.

And that's about it... If you'd like to check out the afformentioned 'Black Box' range, check out the horrific designs on Google. A simple search should reveal the most shocking results. Check it. It's a CRT! =O

Image ironically hosted by Dell. And yes. I hotlinked. Thanks lads!


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January 13 - Ten Layer HD Media

10 layer HD media? Yes ladies and gentlemen, we have it, and we owe it all to Ritek. Available in both HD-DVD and Blu-Ray flavours, these delicious discs offer up to 250GB of storage... Not bad a for a few inches of... Well... Whatever these new fangled discs are constructed out of. Who knows... Perhaps corn? Back to the point, Ritek have really pulled a rabbit out of the hat with this one.

According to Engadget, we should all go and "Forget single-layer media, that dual-layer stuff that was all the rage last year, and even the triple-layered discs that got announced just days ago."

Sourced from Engadget.

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January 13 - White Blackberry Pearl Photos

The Blackberry Pearl was one of the most celebrated gadgets of 2006. TMobile have finally done us the favour of leaking some pictures of what the white version will look like. I have to admit, not what I was expecting, but spiffy none-the-less. The white pearl just doesn't seem the same to me though... I'm sticking with the black one, until the iPhone of course.

Sourced from Engadget.


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January 13 - Colbert on the iPhone

Colbert on CES, 108" flat screen TVs, tasers, and of course, the iPhone. Segway Polo Leagues, Steve Wozniak, and of course, his multi-coloured lasers.

Colbert doesn't seem to be very pleased with it, until he gets it for free. And finally, NASA. The NASA stuff is very funny.

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January 13 - PortaWii

The Nintendo Wii is taken for a spin and made portable... Now you can play your Wii on your DS! If your TV gets broken by a flying remote or something... Hmph.

At least you could do it, if the guys showed you how. No matter, someone is bound to post a video on YouTube, which will inevitably get Dugg by 2000 people who'll never end up carrying out the hack. Weird. Sourced from Technabob.

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January 13 - iPhone Video

The iPhone is still hitting the headlines, and now, thanks to CBS News, we can present to you a world-exclusive video of the beautiful device in action.

With over 725,000 views already, this thing is showing how hot it is! Sourced from Technabob.

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January 13 - Whitehouse Klingons

One US dude goes a little over the top... I like the way he decided to use the metaphor, but it sounds like he spent a little too much time thinking up this one.

Two versions of this video were available on YouTube. Both had pathetic self-advertising promotions at the end. This one was shorter. Enjoy!

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Friday, January 12, 2007

Januart 12 - Wallhogs Sale

Not much to say about this really, except that my good friend, Mark Seremet has, landed himself over $50,000,000 for his startup, Wallhogs, which I reviewed on Profy not all that long ago! Check the deal info... All I can say is that Mark is one smart guy!

He sold his startup for the worth of a quarter of Digg's value. Mark, you never cease to amaze me! Who is Mark? Well, founder of Take Two Interactive. The people who created the legendary Elder Scrolls, and Grand Theft Auto series. You know what I'm talking about now.

Anyhow, Mark was one of the two $500 donators in the Techzi Fundraiser, held the other day. More info on that coming soon... In the mean-time, cheers mate, and good luck!

UPDATE: I feel rather stupid... Wallhogs wasn't sold at all. =P

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Thursday, January 11, 2007

January 11 - R2D2 Projector

R2D2, perhaps one of Star Wars most loved characters, has just made his big break in the Gadget world. Though it's likely that only die-hard Star Wars fans (I'm looking at you Chris!) will want to pay over the odds for this home entertainment thing, I can see it making the top 20 wackiest Gadgets '07 this year.

All that said, it's not that wacky when you compare it to little wooden nuns, who when thrown at walls, sing songs, but there you have it. So what can this fella do? Well, slot in a DVD, and R2 will project the movie (80" 'n' all!) onto a surface of your choice. No widescreen though. Bummer, 'eh?

What else though? Well, for starters, an iPod docking station, a USB 2.0 connector and wirelesss FM audio are just a few other features that lil' old R2 packs in. Of course, as Ubergizmo point out, $2500 could be better spent buying a 32" HDTV (Here in the UK, you can get yourself a 42" for the same price! =O), a hybrid BluRay/HD-DVD player and an iPod dock, for much less.

Of course, doubling as a hoover would have given it that little bit extra, but heck. No hoover.

• Image Sensor:LCoS
• Resolution: 800 x 600
• Brightness: 1200 lumens
• Contrast Ratio: 500 to 1
• Aspect Ratio: 4:3
• Signal: S-Video/Composite
• Memory Slots: SD/MMC, Memory Stick, Smart Media
iPod compatibilitiy: iPod 3G, 4G, 5G, mini, photo
• Millenium Falcon remote control included

So like we said... No hoover. UPDATE: Sorry... You Americans didn't know what a 'hoover' was. Mad! A Vacuum Cleaner!?! Still not making sense? Try Wikipedia.

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January 11 - Exotic Keyboards

Don't get me wrong, there's been plenty of things to write about today, but I've been very busy.

So I just had to go and pick the tackiest thing of the bunch. Ubergizmo noticed some truly hideous designs over at CES, and posted a few of them on their blog. Admittedly, I'm rather fond of the one below, but the sequin studded 'girly keyboard', the tacky plastic 'camouflage keyboard' and the plastic wood keyboard really did fail to impress.

No word on who made these yet though, just a handful of 'creative Chinese designers'. Go figure...

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