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Friday, February 16, 2007

We've moved!

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Saturday, February 10, 2007

It's Official -!

Goodbye blogger, hello spiffy new Wordpress!

The layout's still having some teething problems, so if you suffer any turbulence, don't worry!

More info on the competition that is due to launch today too. Of course today could mean next Thursday at the rate the website's been going... ;)

And here it is again...

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Thursday, February 08, 2007


Just as we thought we were about to launch Techzi, we ran into a whole host of bugs, errors, issues, browser incompatabilites, and general bad fortune. This included me going down with the "24-hours sickness bug". Supposedly this lasts 24 hours.

I've had it since Tuesday evening. It's not Thursday evening. I hereby re-name it the "48 hours and en-counting sickness bug". Far more accurate in my case.

Nasty stuff anyhow... Sorry about the delays. Anyhow, I can confirm that we have got ourselves the first set of sponsors for the Techzi Re-Launch competition. We expect this to get hundreds, if not thousands of entrants. So how do you win? Simple!

More details coming soon, but at current, there's several hundred dollars worth of merchandise up for grabs. Some great news I suppose.

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Monday, February 05, 2007 going live!

Guys! We're on Wordpress!

This blog, is no more, but heck, the new one is everything this one is and a heck of a lot more! Snags? Why has it taken so long? Well admittedly we're not finished doing this yet, but have you ever tried to single-handedly copy and paste 680 posts onto a blog? Not a clue how many we have done at the moment... The New Blogger to WP importer didn't work though. Neither did the Old Blogger to WP importer. Suckage...

Anyhow, is going live! Probably tomorrow, which is Tuesday the 6th! Gimme a high five guys!


(Yep! Competitions! With prizes!) ;)

But yeah... We're not done till tomorrow. Even then, we can't promise that our uber design will be 100% glitch free... It's not up yet because we're still working on the finer aspects of it. Stay tuned... Changes are happening!

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Sunday, February 04, 2007

February 4 - Wiimote Hold On!

A superbly animated non-superbowl advert, showing the all to unpleasant consequences of not strapping yourself on to the wiimote.

Gizmodo caught up with Super 78 aswell...

"I really love the Wii and I had been reading these stories about Wii controllers flying out of peoples hands. We had some down time at the office so I got together with one of the animators and I sketched out a storyboard of the spot. In the board the controller is this high energy maniac and the nun-chuck just wants to get away. So our most talented animator Michael Smith created this fun spot there is a lot of character...This was done by us, Super 78, using our own resources, no agency was involved, no money changed hands."

Great sound effects too. ;)

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February 4 - Innovation & Originality

I'm not one for taking sides, but even as a Windows Vista Ultimate buyer, after watching this video, it's hard to score Microsoft any points on the innovation scale.

50,000,000 lines of code? Sheesh... They really are branching out!

Sourced from THW.

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February 4 - French Dalek

A French dalek? Instant hit... Check it!

I can't stop snorting with hysterical laughter now. Seriously, this is killing me! 'You don't frighten us, English pig-dog!'

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Saturday, February 03, 2007

February 3 - Web 2.0 In A Nutshell

A superb video, highlighting what Web 2.0 is!

Afterall my countless efforts spent writing about it, I think this does a much better job. Don't you think?

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February 3 - Great news!

After my very sarcastic 'Great day!' post earlier, it turns out that actually, today has been great! With the help of 22-year old entrepreneur, Nate Whitehill, I now have my own Media Temple hosting, courtesy of InfinFX! Wordpress has now been set-up there fully, and you can see the test page anywhere at! Now just the Wordpress/Layout/PHP integration to go!

Heck... Today has rocked! Thanks for making it all happen Nate. I seriously owe you a big one. Put it there man! He stayed up till 3:50 AM last night helping me! Not to mention the fact that he got back up again six hours later! Customer satisfaction? I'll give him an 11 (That's out of 10)!

Looking to setup a website? Looking to get hosting? Want a new layout? Want a fully customizes Wordpress theme? Nate's the man!

He also showed me this rather amusing cake too... Very nice. Apple lawyers, you on standby?

I present to you, the Apple iPhlake! (Sorry for the chocolatey pun... Ya' know. Cadbury flakes? Gee... Nevermind. iPhone, iCake, so iPhlake? Oh forget it...) Bet it was strawberry jam sponge though... They don't do all that much Apple jam round my way. ;)

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February 3 - Inka Pen

Today, I went over to my local post office and picked up my free 'commercial sample' Inka pen, courtesy of InkaCorp president, Greg Adelman, who agreed to send me the Titanium Pen free of charge! Pity about silly EU customs though. I ended up shelling out over $20 anyway. No matter... I'm so impressed with the product though, $20 seems a small price to pay, for this top-notch Titainum-Inka! Shipping?

Impressive stuff. Global Priority Mail! I'm glad to see that Inka treat journalists like myself with the same respect they give their customers. So what was in the package? The usual... Oh, ya' know.

One commercially packaged Titanium Inka Pen with instructions on use.
One Inka Pen mini-poster with full details of the product.
Greg's spiffy little business card (very swish)!
Oh... and one purple paperclip!

"But David! This is a tech blog! Surely a pen is a pen, no?" I have to admit that I would have agreed with you before trying out the pen myself, but seriously, this thing is fancy! To show what I mean, I've included photos. The pen can write upside-down, underwater, and even in my freezer... Crazy stuff!

How's that tech related? Aside from being geeky in it's own-right, the pen also converts into a stylus, which works brilliantly on my PDA, Nintendo DS, and other devices I tested. Although you may think that this is just an un-needed fancy addition, believe me, it's not! How many times have you gone on holiday, then realized half-way over the
Atlantic that you left your DS stylus at home? What I've done, is clip the pen onto my keys, using the handy keyring provided. The stainless steel pen comes with a standard yellow Delrin stylus nib, but the titanium version is a pale, mossy green. Now I know that I have a spare where-ever I go. It works darn good too, sliding glossily over surfaces with ease and precision. "Won't it be hard to take it everywhere?" It's not exactly hard... Afterall, the thing only measures 8CM (Just over 3"!) when slotted together! Of course, if that's too small, you can quickly switch around the ends, and you have yourself a fully functional, full length, quickly adaptable 12.7CM (5") pen!

What do I like most about it though? The fact that I know I can still jot down notes for my latest entrepreneurial adventures when I'm drowning upside down in sub-zero temperatures. It's a comforting thing to know... Really. You wouldn't understand unless you'd been in that situation though. ;)

Borrowing pens is a thing of the past, and having tried out the pen for a while now, I've found it invaluable. If I had one gripe with the pen though, I'd have to say it was the fact that you can't have yourself a full-length stylus, like you can with the pen. Kudos to the guys at Inka Corp though... I never thought I'd fall for a pen! Below you can see me having fun, writing with the pen underwater, in my own private coral reef scuba tank (aka. The bathroom sink).

And finally, that paperclip I told you about earlier...

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February 3 - Dragon Naturally Speaking 9

This is a totally honest review, of what happened when I received Dragon Naturally Speaking 9 to review... Not quite what I'd been expecting!

dragon9.gifFirst Impressions
Brilliant! The spiffy box arrived at my house just a few days before Christmas. On opening the box, I was greeted by another brown cardboard box, this one more tightly sealed. Inside lay a bubble wrap bag containing two CD pouches with the installation discs inside. A users guide and ‘Quick Reference’ book were also included, along with a wired headset. So far, so good! In goes the disc. Okay, okay… I got through the installation process till the ‘Select a drive to install your copy of Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking 9 on’, or something like that. I had lots of trouble installing the software, as it was claiming I had insufficient space on my main hard drive. Infact, I had “22.6 GB of free space” on my computer, and I finally got it up and running, after repeatedly retrying to install the software. The installation itself time took a reasonable amount of time and I quickly registered my product with Nuance. (Nuisance! Ahem...)

I did about 30 minutes of training no problem. I was told to read the sentences that appeared on the screen so that the software could ‘calibrate’ my voice pattern. Thinking that everything will be fine, I opened up Dragon’s special dictation software, ‘Dragon Pad’. In the English language, there are a couple of things that are considered ‘standard sentences’.

The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over The Lazy Hen.
You want to see what Dragon Pad thought I was saying? No, you really don’t… But for the purpose of providing an honest review, I have to post the results. ‘My thick round ox jumped over my daisy’s pen.’ Hmph... All in all, I can type a lot quicker and more accurately than that anyway. Since I was delivered the software, I’ve used it over 20 times. I must have done the training that many times too. The software crashes every single time I use it. I’m kind of fed up now, after many unsuccessful attempts. Okay, my PC isn’t state of the art, but it’s only a year old, and has twice the recommended amount of RAM, and a 3.3Ghz P4 processor, far more than needed to run a program like this.

Overall Impressions
I’m sure that the software really is a good product, and I know it’s had outstanding reviews from many top-class websites, but for me, it’s just not worked out. I’ve had heap loads of problems, and only a few sentences of garbled text and a new Skype headset to show for it. Maybe next time I’ll have better luck...

David Wilkinson, 12-year old geek, signing out!


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February 3 - Great day!

The blog's had a great day! I've lost my e-mail account, the blog has been down for several hours, and I've succesfully mashed up pretty much everything! If you don't get a response to any of your e-mails, you know why... They haven't actually come. They won't come either... Pretty poo, huh?

Please excuse the incredibly large, melodramatic 'Red X' too.

NOTE: Google just informed me that there will be a power outage on my blog server at 11AM PST too... Brilliant.

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Friday, February 02, 2007

February 2 - Optional Brakes

There are smart things to do in business, and not so smart things to do. Ford? Well... See for yourself. An easy mistake to make, but surely a car without brakes would cause an increase in accidents?

What a pity that the engine wasn't optional either... Would have made a great birthday present, no? On the plus-side, it would have been street-legal for me to haul the thing up and down the road.

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Thursday, February 01, 2007

February 1 - Vista Ultimate

I'm all over Vista Ultimate, but I can't help laughing at this great cartoon I spotted on Nate's spiffy new blog. Check it out, and while you're there, let him know that I sent you. ;) Through Nate, I've recently uncovered a whole load of new sites, The Daily Domainer included!

Nate has an interesting blog, which regularly covers everything from cars, domains and entrepreneurship to Macs & prioritizing your online life. Recently, Nate quite his job at Apple, and in the space of one week, has earned the same amount he would have made working there! Who said self-employment sucked? That's the net for you!

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February 1 - Wiki Wrangle

What better way to kick off the month than confusion? The world of wikis has provided just the right atmosphere...

The world of Wikis sits in utter confusion after this past weeks weird developments at . Let's start right from the beginning though.

Bought by John Gotts in 2006, went for an incredible $2.86 Million. The world of feed flares, XML divas, and XHTML validation is hip and cool. After purchasing the domain, Gotts contacted, and eventually partnered with Wiki vendor, MindTouch. The domain name came with a humongous price tag, but Gotts was convinced that over time, his investment would pay off, as the domain simply drew direct hits, and was a natural collector of mainstream traffic.

"With its easily identifiable name, thousands of people are visiting the site daily without the aid of a search tool, signaling increasing interest in the technology and the value of a domain that drives natural traffic."

All was fine, till earlier this week, when a public relations representative from Wikia contacted Read/Write Web, regarding a rumour that had been circulating the blogosphere recently. According to the un-named PR person from Wikia, "all wikis on will be removed", and that Wikia had it's own plans to salvage "those customers". Wikia, is the orignally Florida based startup, co-founded by Wikipedia main-man, Jimmy Wales.

Up on the Wikia website, they have a wiki going, claiming that MindTouch, will be closing down for good, on or before the 25th January, this year. In a MindTouch statement, they said that:

" is not affiliated in any way with Wikia has no control or ownership of the domain This rescued wiki was created following rumors that was closing down. At the time, there was no indication whether wikis would disappear or not, so Wikia made plans to migrate these sites to Wikia. Since then, MindTouch have said that they have begun migrating the wikis to new servers and that the content of these sites will be made available on a new domain in future."

As if there weren't enough twists in the tale already, it seems that the website, is now redirecting to Wikia! RWW rightly asks how this is even possible, if like Wikia claim, they have no control over the domain!

If anyone feels like helping me out here, or clearing a few things up, please go ahead… It seems that nobody quite knows where anyone stands on this issue. No news on John Gotts yet either.

My take? My opinion? The world of Wikis is going through a tough time, that will inevitabely shape it's future form. There's no doubt that Wikipedia will stand firm and strong, but what will happen to all of it's competiting Wikis? Will they run out of steam, as so many great ideas and projects have done before, and give up to the monopolising site in the industry? Or will these smaller sites stand firm, building their own, more closely knit communities, working together?

Personally, I'm a big fan of the smaller Wikis out there, but also like Wikipedia, because I know I'm almost guaranteed to find the information I want on anything, from the average number of spots on a ladybird, to the theory of relativity.

Sourced from RWW.

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